Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Survived the Storms

At least the physical storms. When I was growing up in the country there were no sirens when tornados threatened. I think one night I heard one, sounded like a train but we normally were just tucked into bed and fast asleep. So now after living in the city all these years (20 of them) I am adjusting to the duck and cover idea when the sirens go off. BG or before G came along I would still tuck into bed even when the sirens are sounding. Now though I think for the most part it would be irresponsible not to duck and cover when the sirens blare.

So two nights ago as we were settling in for the evening they sirens sounded and G and I headed to her bathroom. All was not lost however since she has a world map shower curtain that helped with the geography portion of the hangman game I have on the phone.

Of course the dog is another story totally. She refused to go outside for over 24 hours. She didn't hold it though releasing her pee three times in the hall way. She didn't want to do it either but sometimes there is no choice. At about 4:30am yesterday morning she was finally okay to go outside and pee and poo. One day my parents had to run to the house to check on her. She survived yesterday as well. I even got a bit more sleep last night back into the routine of the norm.

Yesterday G didn't have to go to school because of flooding. This morning I had to drop her off at a different location of the school because of flooding. I saw some cars coming up one street that I had been told had flooded and since I drive a paid for SUV and this was a small car that made it through the water I thought I could just push through. Y'all the water spray was taller than my SUV. My poor SUV made noises I had never heard before and I got through that water on prayer alone! But here is the thing, there wasn't another street around the school that was less deep after dropping G off. Seriously the town where her school is was more affected than my little town. And our town had a lot going on.

Anyway, I guess round 2 will be this weekend right on time for the MIM festival which always, ALWAYS has rain!


Vivian M said...

Thank goodness you are all OK! I have been praying, and will continue to do so. Hoping you have better weather ahead!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I just can't believe all of the tornadoes and rain, it is so sad how many have died already. Heartbreaking. I'm so thankful you and G are safe:)

Briana's Mom said...

Glad you all survived the storms ok. We did too thank goodness. I hate all this nasty weather!