Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Visitor Can Make G Giddy With Excitement?

That's right, a rat snake caught in the act of eating a lizard and caught by her grandaddy. She was so excited to show it off to me and her grammie. We on the other hand were less than thrilled.

Oh and after today, G has 5 more days of school, woot!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun on "Remorial Day" What We Did...

We fed the birds.

Watched an elephant play in the pool.

Learned fascinating information about the mating rituals of giraffes.

Waited ever so patiently for the chance to feed the birds again.

Saw our newest editions to the zoo: 3 young lions (the male is just getting his mane but it isn't full yet).

Had our picture taken together after lunch.

And we ended the day in the very cold water in her pool at Grammie and Grandad's house.

Seems to me that is the best way to spend "Remorial Day." Of course we could only spend the day this way due to the freedoms gained on the lives of our service men and women! Thank you again for your service to our country!
To all service men and women, Thank you and your families for your service. Because of your sacrifices we can spend the day free of the fear of tyranny.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

G's Award

G's Award ceremony. She received the President's Award for Acedemic Excellence. Or something like that. Basically it was for having all As this year. So glad it wasn't something silly like Most Curious Award or Most Huggable. I was very very proud of her!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Received the request for receipts and other supporting docs from the IRS today. Would a copy of the IR-3 visa in her Chinese passport suffice? Anybody know?

WOW! Just WOW!

You go! Speak truth to POWER!

Flood Waters

I think most readers by now know that I live somewhere along the Mighty Mississippi. We got a lot of flood waters but thankfully the levies held because had they not held we would be goners. The first picture is actually not a lake. It is actually fields on the levy side of the river. Mostly is is dry and planted by now.

The second picture was taken this morning on the way to work. You can see where the water topped out and it still has quite a way to go. This is on the river side of the levy. I took video of it as well but haven't had an opportunity to load it.

G Conversations

So if you have watched the news any at all in the last week you have seen some significantly not so fun storms pass through with much devastation and death. Well, we had one of those storm scares last night, thankfully only rain and high winds no tornadoes. G was at church with my parents while I was home keeping my overly hysterical dog calm. Thankfully, through prayer all day long the storm didn't hit until I got home so the dog was calm all day.

When G came home I asked her how it was in the "safe room" at church. She said, "Why did all those kids cry?" I said, "Because they were scared and scaring each other." She said, "Well M cried." Now I know M and M is all about M so I said, "Well, M was probably crying for attention only." To which G replied, "No mama, M said her family is in France and (teacher) said France was getting it too." I said, "Her parents are in France?" She said, "NNNNOOOOOO HER FAMILY is in France." I said, "Well I don't know what France has to do with it because we wouldn't necessarily be worried about a storm in France."

Later I was talking with my mom and mentioned St. Louis in the conversation. G jumped back in and said, "That's it St. Louis." I said, "What?" She said, "M's family is in St. Louis." So I tried to tell my mom the France St. Louis story but the phone kept getting cut off from the winds. While I was on the way to work this morning I called mom and told her the story about France, and she said, "St. Francis is where M's family is." So from France and St. Louis we come to the conclusion that G meant St. Francis County is where M's grandparents live, from where the storm came to us.

My observation is that if you start with the 7 year old logic and ask a few questions, sometimes you come to the right answer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Up TOO Fast!

G just received her 1st call from a school friend; and it was a BOY! Why?!? It is WAY too early for her to be receiving calls from boys.

She told me I just didn't like boys and I told her that I liked them a whole bunch when she is 30 but not in first grade.

I asked her later why she gave him our number and she said, "Well he said that he would grow up and marry me probably." I said, "Well you have a long way to go before you decide to get married so no more phone calls, okay?"

I Love Andrew Klavan On the Culture

Take the time to watch them all. He can make the most sense out of liberalism, progressive-ism and multiculturalism showing how absurd the positions are in the first place all with humor. He is just so funny and spot on!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Herman Cain in 2012

We can do this? YES WE CAN! We have to get the word out. Here is an interview with Glenn Beck about the flat tax ideas. Herman Cain I truly believe is the one to beat Obama. Is he a savior? NO he is a man who has been CEO of a company and knows how to run a business unlike the current president. He is a man who deserves respect unlike the current president. We should not let the MSM pick our next presidential candidates. Help spread the word!

Bill Whittle-The Firewall

I love how he describes and shuts down the media made memes in this video. Thanks for the clarification Mr. Whittle. More info needs to get out to stop the whole Obamaworship of the media.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a very busy fun weekend. The zoo had a members only event which is always fun. The birds and bees exhibit opened for a member's preview. G was able to feed one of the budgies after days hours a bit of time waiting not so very patiently. One child in the birds section was standing where she shouldn't have been and fell into the pond. Scared her to death and embarrassed her mom.
We had a picnic there and then headed home where G fell asleep in the car. Then we headed to wally's world for milk and some project materials.

G made a beautiful door curtain from pompoms and thread, quick and easy project. G had a tooth pulled last Tuesday which removes the last row of shark teeth where the permanent ones were coming in behind the baby ones. So the toothfairy gave her a project book which has been thumbed through, bookmarked, projects planned and discussed, and from which much begging to start one has ensued. So I finally relented, doing the easiest one first.
Bad picture taken with the phone I know. But G likes it and like I said it was easy. We then started working on a bug container yesterday that is not yet finished. We had to adjust from the actual project in the book because all of the needed items couldn't be found so we have improvised a bit. Like I said, we aren't finished but will be by Tuesday night.

So now back to the week. G has roughly 10 more days of school and then she will be a second grader. Haven't the foggiest where the time goes.

And another two important dates passed: Finding Day was on 5/19 and referral day is today. Bitty twins received a pair of summer PJs (1 twin per special day). Of course I totally let Thursday go without mention even after discussing it prior to the day with G! G reminded me on Saturday, heh. I think I am losing my memory or just can't work and remember dates at the same time.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Sure If I Can Even Post These

New Food Network show being filmed in downtown big city near where I work. I took these with phone so you know, not the best quality. And they were actually filming when I was watching them so I couldn't get right up there though.

Love This Pict of G and Her Cat

You can see the smile in G's eyes. Of course Simon is shooting the death ray glare back at me, heh. Simon is the coolest cat in the world. I have had 6 cats in my lifetime and Simon by far has been the coolest. He is the most laid back, snuggling, loving cat I have ever had.

Abigail our black cat that is very elderly is loving but also skittish. She blinked at at the flash here. She will let me hold her or will snuggle with me until the dog makes a noise or something.

Abigail is also the eater. She eats anything and everything, and Simon will at times just sit back and let Abigail eat his portion as well. No complaints, no fights, just being the gentlecat he is. After G put the cat down she said, "Holding the cat will make your arms tired."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Many Things To Post

Seems I have many things to post but no will to do so. I finally got a letter from the I*R*S which stated that I am being reviewed for "Income you reported on your return, Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return, Claims for tax credits you made on your return and/or Business income you reported on your return." They are giving themselves another 45 days from the date of the letter "May 16, 2011" to process the return and then they MAY or MAY NOT ask for more information.

Since the only refund they withheld had to do with the adoption credit maybe that is all they are looking for since I didn't claim a business nor did I mis-type any of my income or withholding. I can't imagine why it will take another 45 days to decide whether or not they need more information or receipts. GOOD GORGEOUS GEORGE!!! Could this go on forever? Don't answer that!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beginning of School and End of School Pictures

The one in the pink-ish shirt was taken at the beginning of her 1st grade school year. The blue shirt was taken the day before she turned 7 years old, at the end of her 1st grade school year. What a difference a year makes. I just love the 7 year old picture. The colors are great and her smile is just the sweetest, to me at least.

Anyway, I thought I would share the beginning and end of 1st grade photos.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Cool Link About Adoption

14 Famous People Who Were Adopted, very interesting article. I didn't know half of it and am glad to read this. This was sent to me in an e-mail but ended up in my spam section. I read it anyway and am glad I did. Though adoption starts from a place of pain and loss, the past can't be changed but the future can and people can make a difference either good or bad no matter what their start in life.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Reciepts and more

The I*R*S after changing the rules on the adoption tax credit now doesn't believe that the $10,500 (from 2005) credit was actually a true number less than the actual cost of the adoption. I was prepared for a refund of the credit I didn't use which was just roughly $3000 and they are refusing demanding something more.

Now I haven't received the letter from them just the difference in the refund amount in my account but come on, the tax guide had specific info that was required for foreign adoptions and I sent that which was the copies from China of the adoption decree, birth cert and the copy of the filing of the adoption in the county where I lived at the time. There was a blurb on the check my refund site that said more info was requested and for me to send it within 30 days of notice. I haven't received notice yet!

I am a bit sick actually! Just the thought of having to dig the receipts out sucks big fat rocks. But I know I have them. At the time I did a spreadsheet and the total had reached $20,000+ so I know it is legit. I must have gotten an IRS processor that has no clue how much adoptions cost. I also got no help from grants or companies. People gave me money here and there but nothing that would truly offset $20k. I am sick about it right now. This ladies and gents is your government at work!

*And I do know that I am not alone but for those of you who claimed the refund just go on and get your receipts ready.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

G's Transportation Project

Picture sent by G's teacher. The side of it says "G Express."

The one that kept me up at nights since Friday when I got the instructions G brought the note home. Then G told me her teacher thinks we are the "most creative people she has ever seen." Ugh, raise the bar higher why don't you?

So G and I started work on it on Monday when I finally decided of what the train would be made. I finished that sucker last night. The task came down to attaching the wheels which were wagon wheel noodles no less. Let me say, this was not my best work so much fun for G to do. Lots of glue was used as was construction paper. Until last night G did the majority of the work but the wheels fell to me. Plus G was steady working on homemade mother's day things for me for which she would say, "You can't see this so don't look over here."

Anyway, I took it in for her and no it isn't large, half paper towel roll, but I didn't want it broken before school stared like some of the other children's projects were. They had a story about transportation for the week so that necessitated the train project.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Conversations with G

Saturday, G and I headed out to my parents for the day. We had some errands to run so we picked up my mom to go with us. After we got back home, and after I watched the Royal Wedding, G and I spent some of her birthday money on some bitty twin shoes.

She spent all of her money on the bitty twin shoes plus shipping but she had a wish list for twice that amount. She just didn't understand how she couldn't buy everything she saw with that amount received for b-day. She even told me I should just buy it all for her. I pointed out that b-day was over and Christmas wasn't here yet so therefore she gets nothing like that in the mean time.

Then that child o' mine said, "Well, Mother's Day is coming and I AM the bitty twins mother!?!?!?!"

I told her she had better have those twins buy her something for Mother's Day then, heh.

What an Incredible 4 days? History Being Made Over and Over

From the Royal Wedding (which I finally watched on Saturday). I couldn't help but wonder as I listened to the Archbishop of Canterbury how Charles, Camilla and Elton John felt as The Word was proclaimed even in secular England! I loved hearing the brother of the bride read from the book of the Letters to the Romans. I also was very impressed by William and Catherine's own written prayer.
Then in contrast to the celebration was the devastation of Alabama by record number of tornadoes. Miracles of faith and family come pouring out just as so many dead are proclaimed.
And the celebration in a sense of the final justice brought to the mastermind of 9/11 not to mention his involvement in the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the USS Cole. By the way his burial at sea was a good thing so that the Muslims can't have a specific grave to turn into a shrine of sorts.
Then the worst flooding of our area on the MS river since 1937. This photo I took on the drive home yesterday afternoon and shows the top of the levy on the river's side. The other photos are compliments of Fox News and the Royal family.

And finally but certainly not least but without a photo, G lost another tooth. This one had to come out and grandad pulled it Sunday. The permanent tooth was actually coming in behind it and not in the right place. I am no fortune teller but I see braces in our future!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Great Company Ad Supporting Life

How awesome this video is. We used the pampers cruiser but I don't think they make those anymore. Could be wrong, we've been out of them for a while now.

Link where I found this in title. Thanks to LaShawn Barber for being such a strong pro-life supporter.