Thursday, May 26, 2011

G Conversations

So if you have watched the news any at all in the last week you have seen some significantly not so fun storms pass through with much devastation and death. Well, we had one of those storm scares last night, thankfully only rain and high winds no tornadoes. G was at church with my parents while I was home keeping my overly hysterical dog calm. Thankfully, through prayer all day long the storm didn't hit until I got home so the dog was calm all day.

When G came home I asked her how it was in the "safe room" at church. She said, "Why did all those kids cry?" I said, "Because they were scared and scaring each other." She said, "Well M cried." Now I know M and M is all about M so I said, "Well, M was probably crying for attention only." To which G replied, "No mama, M said her family is in France and (teacher) said France was getting it too." I said, "Her parents are in France?" She said, "NNNNOOOOOO HER FAMILY is in France." I said, "Well I don't know what France has to do with it because we wouldn't necessarily be worried about a storm in France."

Later I was talking with my mom and mentioned St. Louis in the conversation. G jumped back in and said, "That's it St. Louis." I said, "What?" She said, "M's family is in St. Louis." So I tried to tell my mom the France St. Louis story but the phone kept getting cut off from the winds. While I was on the way to work this morning I called mom and told her the story about France, and she said, "St. Francis is where M's family is." So from France and St. Louis we come to the conclusion that G meant St. Francis County is where M's grandparents live, from where the storm came to us.

My observation is that if you start with the 7 year old logic and ask a few questions, sometimes you come to the right answer.

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