Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Up TOO Fast!

G just received her 1st call from a school friend; and it was a BOY! Why?!? It is WAY too early for her to be receiving calls from boys.

She told me I just didn't like boys and I told her that I liked them a whole bunch when she is 30 but not in first grade.

I asked her later why she gave him our number and she said, "Well he said that he would grow up and marry me probably." I said, "Well you have a long way to go before you decide to get married so no more phone calls, okay?"


jennifer said...

Too funny! Maddie came home today telling me that Sebastion told her he liked her and she told him she liked him... ugh... They are growing up way, way fast.

Vivian M said...

Not ready for this. So not ready!