Friday, May 20, 2011

Love This Pict of G and Her Cat

You can see the smile in G's eyes. Of course Simon is shooting the death ray glare back at me, heh. Simon is the coolest cat in the world. I have had 6 cats in my lifetime and Simon by far has been the coolest. He is the most laid back, snuggling, loving cat I have ever had.

Abigail our black cat that is very elderly is loving but also skittish. She blinked at at the flash here. She will let me hold her or will snuggle with me until the dog makes a noise or something.

Abigail is also the eater. She eats anything and everything, and Simon will at times just sit back and let Abigail eat his portion as well. No complaints, no fights, just being the gentlecat he is. After G put the cat down she said, "Holding the cat will make your arms tired."

1 comment:

Vivian M said...

Simon is bigger than Pookie!!!!

Love seeing the smile in Miss G's eyes! :o)