Friday, May 06, 2011

Reciepts and more

The I*R*S after changing the rules on the adoption tax credit now doesn't believe that the $10,500 (from 2005) credit was actually a true number less than the actual cost of the adoption. I was prepared for a refund of the credit I didn't use which was just roughly $3000 and they are refusing demanding something more.

Now I haven't received the letter from them just the difference in the refund amount in my account but come on, the tax guide had specific info that was required for foreign adoptions and I sent that which was the copies from China of the adoption decree, birth cert and the copy of the filing of the adoption in the county where I lived at the time. There was a blurb on the check my refund site that said more info was requested and for me to send it within 30 days of notice. I haven't received notice yet!

I am a bit sick actually! Just the thought of having to dig the receipts out sucks big fat rocks. But I know I have them. At the time I did a spreadsheet and the total had reached $20,000+ so I know it is legit. I must have gotten an IRS processor that has no clue how much adoptions cost. I also got no help from grants or companies. People gave me money here and there but nothing that would truly offset $20k. I am sick about it right now. This ladies and gents is your government at work!

*And I do know that I am not alone but for those of you who claimed the refund just go on and get your receipts ready.


Steph B said...

You're not alone. I've read on many adoption blogs that they have not received their refund / credit because more documentation is being demanded from them. Lots of delays... Sorry you're impacted by this, and hope the potential buyers for your rental house are having success getting a loan!!

Jenni Shoemaker said...

I had to send in more documents as well for my Vietnam adoption from 2006! No word since I sent in the documents so we will see!
Keep us updated!