Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a very busy fun weekend. The zoo had a members only event which is always fun. The birds and bees exhibit opened for a member's preview. G was able to feed one of the budgies after days hours a bit of time waiting not so very patiently. One child in the birds section was standing where she shouldn't have been and fell into the pond. Scared her to death and embarrassed her mom.
We had a picnic there and then headed home where G fell asleep in the car. Then we headed to wally's world for milk and some project materials.

G made a beautiful door curtain from pompoms and thread, quick and easy project. G had a tooth pulled last Tuesday which removes the last row of shark teeth where the permanent ones were coming in behind the baby ones. So the toothfairy gave her a project book which has been thumbed through, bookmarked, projects planned and discussed, and from which much begging to start one has ensued. So I finally relented, doing the easiest one first.
Bad picture taken with the phone I know. But G likes it and like I said it was easy. We then started working on a bug container yesterday that is not yet finished. We had to adjust from the actual project in the book because all of the needed items couldn't be found so we have improvised a bit. Like I said, we aren't finished but will be by Tuesday night.

So now back to the week. G has roughly 10 more days of school and then she will be a second grader. Haven't the foggiest where the time goes.

And another two important dates passed: Finding Day was on 5/19 and referral day is today. Bitty twins received a pair of summer PJs (1 twin per special day). Of course I totally let Thursday go without mention even after discussing it prior to the day with G! G reminded me on Saturday, heh. I think I am losing my memory or just can't work and remember dates at the same time.

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jennifer said...

Great pictures. Love the one of her sleeping in the car. I can't believe the school year is almost over either. We have 3 more days and then I have 2 second graders.