Monday, June 20, 2011

Chinese Culture Day Camp

or in G's view the mouth of the lion's den. She has been begging me not to make her go, but she needs to, and I am sure it will be different this year. I dropped her off this morning, and sure enough she started crying. I picked her up and carried her to a quiet corner to hold her, just to reassure her. I prayed over her for courage, and by the time I left she was playing connect 4 with a little girl who was 6 1/2 (her introduction of herself was about her bday being in October). G and I both thought she was older, but turns out G is not the youngest one this year.

I reminded G of all the things she would be able to do that she loved doing last year like paper cuts, working with clay, abacus, writing in Chinese. I told my mom yesterday that my sympathy was gone over her not wanting to go, but I don't like leaving her crying. Praying for a better day tomorrow and a wonderful busy first day today.

You should have heard the stories G was spinning about how bad camp was last year and the number of bullies she encountered there. She can sure make up stories. What a great imagination. Now I need to redirect it to positive output rather than trying to get out of doing what she needs to do.

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Steph B said...

I hope she has a great day, and enjoys the rest of the week. My big boy is almost 9 years old, and didn't want to go to camp last week either. On the first day, he refused to come out of the storage room! I finally coaxed him out, and one of the camp counselors came over so I left. He ended up having a very good day, and the rest of the week was fine. I did feel anxious all the first day, though, wondering how he was doing. Change can be really hard for some kids.