Tuesday, June 07, 2011

G Conversations

This morning I was discussing G's summer arrangements which will find her spending lots of nights with the grandparents. G is really growing up and now is able to brush and comb her own hair even putting it in a low pony for night time. She has very long hair by the way which is as crookedly cut as anything I have ever seen.

So I asked her if she was going to show Grammie how she can take care of her own hair now and she said that she wouldn't show her. I said, "How will you brush it so she doesn't see?" G told me she would go to one of eight hiding places at her grammie's house.

I asked her where they were and she listed them, the first being "The place where I asked Jesus to come into my heart that time." Just melted me, don't ya' know?

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The Byrd's Nest said...

LOVE this girl and the way her mind works! I know you are so proud of her Bev