Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Morning at the Farmer's Market, Cats and Bookstore Treasures

Today G and I went to the Farmer's Market with a friend. G brought her own money and got a wonderful powder doughnut and water. It was lovely morning even though it was hot. I found lots of great finds like tomatoes, green beans, lovely bread, and coffee for father's day.

I didn't buy fresh flowers but they were so pretty today.

G thought they weren't real so she had to touch and see.
I dislike cabbage but this was in a bushel basket.

The tomatoes were wonderful. We had BLTs for lunch, yum!

Then we headed into town to the House of Mews a cat rescue center. It was closed but still fun to look through and peek at the cats. There were two ladies tending to them, cleaning cages etc.

Across the street was a new/used book store. G looked through the $1 rack and found 9 books. Then we found a Junie B. Jones book elsewhere for $1. When we checked out, however, we discovered 8 books were only $.25, 1 was $.70 and then the Junie B. for a grand total of $4.04 for 10 books. Really, you can't beat that! And it was all G's money on the books.

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Steph B said...

Sounds like a lovely morning! I've been wondering what happened with your rental house, were the buyers able to get financing? I hope so...