Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tax Credit Proof

Over 50 pages of receipts (some two and three to a page) and documents to prove I am owed the adoption tax credit roll over (I think it is thicker than the original dossier). The envelope the I8R8S sent was not sufficient to hold or mail all of the proof they need. I am praying they still have the original documents I sent of the foreign/translated adoption decree and the county registration documents I submitted with my 1040, the first time.

Of the receipts I am sending soon (like tomorrow) the total came to $18,514.46. That doesn't include the travel I paid for my parents or a lot of the meals we paid for in China. I don't have canceled checks either I have a bank statement with the copies of the checks that cleared. I sent them all not blocking out any other checks on the statement. I have a printout explaining each document line by line attached as well.

I am praying this will be enough. Really I don't have any more proof that the tax credit is valid other than my daughter and I don't think she would copy or mail well, heh.

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