Monday, July 11, 2011

G's Vacation

Maybe I should subtitle this Mom's relaxation. It hasn't been as bad as I thought. I was able to skype with her on my parents computer. I took the dog with me to hang out at my parents for two days, which she loved. Caught up on some of my fav reality TV programs. Didn't take a nap because I got wrapped up in SuperNanny. Love that show. Oh and Food Network Star, another fav of mine as well as Challenge, Chopped and Cupcake Wars. I also saw "How Do I Look" and "Project Runway". I guess they are like reality shows sort of anyway.

Oh and G? She is doing great. Has 14-15 mosquito bites from going to see my uncle's pond and won't allow the "afterbite" med to be used. She actually is enjoying the "boy toys" of her cousin. She had told me she couldn't go because "what if I don't like (cousin's) boy toys?" Then she was a bit distraught by cousin's reaction on skype about her coming. His reaction when told was "oh." I said, "Well, what did you expect him to do? jump up and down like crazy?" She laughed and said, "yes." Well, her fears that he didn't want her there were alleviated when she got there and they took off playing well together.

As an only child it will be interesting for her to be both the only girl and the oldest child in a household of 4 children for 3 weeks. Yes I know it isn't the same as being the oldest sibling but it is as close as she will ever get.

I think people are a bit worried about me and so far, other than when they drove off, I haven't even wanted to cry. I pulled up my big girl panties and still remain a bit jealous of where she is and what she will get to do these next three weeks. I so hope she remembers to take pictures. I LOVE LOOKING AT PICTURES.


Steph B said...

Glad you are doing so well. Skype is great! Three weeks is a long time, it will probably go quicker for G than for you. It sounds like a great experience for her, although I know how much you miss her. Hang in there!

Sharon Ankerich said...

So great to know you are enjoying your time and your sweet one is doing great! Have a great week!!!

jennifer said...

Love Chopped, Challenge and the Next Food Network Star... hating Penny though.

Glad you are enjoying some alone time and glad G is doing well.