Friday, July 15, 2011

This Is a Very Blurry Picture...

of one of the roses I moved from my old house (I moved it just this year). I had left all 8 rose bushes because I didn't think I could transplant them where we are now. I wasn't sure I had enough sun for them.

I put this one in a pot and it is blooming and it makes me so very happy. I tried to transplant a red tea length Abraham Lincoln rose bush but it isn't rebounding very well. Neither is the one in the pot beside this one. It was a stem of another rose (new growth with a bud) that I tried to transplant.

I love rose bushes and had some beautiful ones a the old house in all kinds of colors: yellow, salmon color, red, pink and coral. I had some other colors I can't remember now.

Only two bushes actually survived as large bushes through the renters and then this one actually was growing out of the dead bush I originally planted. I just don't know how to express how happy this makes me and it seems so silly to be so happy out of such a depressing situation over a silly flower but that is me right now! So very happy to have this one rose thriving so far.

The two hot pink flowers in the back ground were planted by G, one a snap dragon and the other a petunia, one in GAs and the other on a school field trip. They too are thriving and beautiful. I think she has a green thumb like her grandaddy!

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