Monday, July 04, 2011

Weekend Zoo Visit

We headed to the zoo on Saturday with some new friends. A girl I work with and her children came. We had such a good time and were oh so very tired. We even unintentionally made it for the python feeding of a rabbit. We saw the legs go down. Apparently it took 2 1/2 hours for the snake to finally swallow the rabbit. And it was a pre-dead rabbit like the python that ate the pre-dead pig two years ago.

G is gearing up for a whole 3 weeks of travel with grammie and grandad since I have to work and can't afford daycare she gets to go with them to see some family on the east coast. I am so hoping they will take the three weeks and see some sights. I gave her a small travel journal to help get her excitement up. We packed her clothes but I realized today I forgot somethings in it, specifically the journal. Good thing they aren't leaving until the end of the week. I will just have to bring it back out to them.

I am so going to miss her but am trying to stay really positive so she won't be upset about it. We have no other choice right now.

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