Friday, August 26, 2011

So Very Proud of My 2nd Grader

G stood up for herself against the little girl who kept telling her she was short. Now this wasn't just once or twice it was every day even after G asked her to stop, threatened not to be her friend if she didn't stop and even threatened to tell the teacher if she didn't stop. G even went so far as to follow my advice and tell the girl that she was too tall. Then the girl said it was best to be tall because according to a book she read ghosts take short people. Let me tell you that G was so terrified of a ghost getting her that we had another night of bed fail.

So G practiced what to say to her teacher that night and the next day and then she did it. She really told the teacher. I explained why it was necessary to support what she said so that the teacher would understand how serious it was and that she had made an effort to stop it herself.

She told the teacher what the girl was saying/doing (because there was another physical incident, not hurting but physical) and all the ways G tried to stop it before coming to the teacher, and the teacher responded positively. G didn't get in trouble as she feared she would. The girl only had to apologize and as of yesterday there were no more incidents. I have warned G that she may need to still be careful and if the girl does anything tell again.

But just to know that G stood her ground and did the right thing I am just so proud! I had warned G that if the teacher didn't respond positively I would have to get involved. I am trying really hard not to get involved but to help G take her own stand.

And tomorrow morning G will test for her green belt in tae kwon do. Monday starts soccer. We will have a busy season this fall.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Week Today

We made it one whole week in school as of today. So far things are great. G has made two friends but one tells G everyday that she is short and even bends down to talk to her.

Yesterday when I picked her up, in her rush to get the back pack on she whacked herself in the eye with a plastic tag that is on her pack pack. So when I saw it my own eyes started watering and I over reacted taking her to the eye doctor up the street. He checked her out anyway. She did have a scratch on her cornea so we are on eye drop antibiotics until Thursday. This morning she looked at it and said it still looked a "little more shutty than the other eye." Yesterday it was so red and she said it felt "pinched" so I said, "better safe than sorry."

Other than that we are just rocking along. Storms are coming this morning. Every clear sunshiny day I regret putting Clementine down, but then the storm comes and I am so thankful she isn't here to be terrorized. It still hurts my heart but I know her heart was hurting so much worse than mine.

Oh and a little knock on wood side note, I am working on transitioning G back into her own bed. SHHHH don't judge! She has slept 2 out of 3 days there. I promised her that on the weekends she could have a sleep over with me so she is very much looking to Friday and Saturday night. My own hope is that she will enjoy sleeping in her own bed so much that she will not want to come back to mine.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Utter Chaos

Was the first day of 2nd grade. It didn't help that it was raining. But G did great. The teacher let them chew gum and play with play doh just to ease them into the day. I did take pictures but can't download them until the weekend.

The weather is starting to cool off now which is good for us and bad for us all at the same time. The mosquitoes are biting with a vengeance. G has 9 bites down the outside of her left calf. I didn't even know that section of her leg was big enough to hold that many bites. She looks like she has whelps and that isn't the only place she has them.

So new mosquito bites for a new school year. YIPPEE!

oh and did I mention that she is now a size 2 shoe? Here I was thinking we were going to make it on size 1 for a bit longer and whaddyaknow? size 2. I felt kinda of bad for the fussing at her about her complaining of her shoes hurting. Maybe she was a size bigger than I actually had her in last year. How fast do feet grow anyway?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

2000-2011 Clementine

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Last night came a huge thunderstorm and of course we were not at home when it hit. Just a reminder of why the necessary decision. She was terrified and bleeding from trying to escape from her kennel. The vet understood and was very compassionate, not judging my decision. G and I cried all the way home.

Clementine was such a good dog. She just was extremely anxious and fearful of the storms. She is in a much better place now and no storm can scare her again. My dad buried her in their yard. She will always be with us, in our memories.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

Last night, G and I and my parents met the teacher. G had been with my parents and I have had to work late this week so we just met at the school. Lots of paper to fill out. The teacher happens to go to church with us so that is nice. I didn't realize I knew her until I saw her, didn't recognize the name. I think I am going to like her. There is one little girl who was in G's kindergarten class that I am not happy about. She is a very disturbed little girl and causes lots of trouble. Thankfully though the class literally is across the hall from the principal this year.

Saturday is the dog's appt., earliest I could get. Tuesday we had a death in the family so tonight is the visitation. Seems this week has just been very very weird not just for me but for lots of folks.

G got to spend the night with a friend (not family) for the first time and did wonderfully well until she realized she left her bunny at the friend's house. With many tears, we had to retrieve said bunny before bed last night. Thankfully we discovered it fairly early in the evening so it wasn't quite as difficult to get.

Tomorrow morning is soccer try outs for G. Later in the week we will know who her coach is and when practice starts. So glad it is the weekend even if it is a very very sad weekend for us.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Pictures of Destruction

Well, here are the few photos I took. They are all woppie jawed. The curtains were ripped apart/down, clean and dirty clothes were strewn every where, the mattress has a hole in it now, two small shelves were chewed and broken apart and a heater knocked over.

Clementine had thrown up a mix of blood and bile while in her kennel. My parents had put her back up before I got home. My dad rigged her kennel but how good it is rigged is still to be determined. I have to get an appt. this week for her. Makes me very sad but she isn't safe. There was a trail of blood to clean up too.

On the bright side (if you can find one) she helped me de-clutter my room. So, you know, there's that. If you find my humor out of place, too bad, that is how I deal with stressful situations. Trust me there have been and will be plenty of tears shed. She is really a good dog when there are no thunderstorms.

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Time Has Come...

To have my Clementine put down. I can no longer keep her safe. She has broken out of her kennel too often leaving a bloody path of destruction, and today was the last straw. This is for her safety as well as my sanity. She has destroyed parts of G's room and now my room. The stuff is not the point though we now have no mattress in our house un-mauled.

But the fact of her anxiety and her natural intelligence of being able to get out of whatever holding thing she is in and leaving her to her fears is too much. I do not own this house and am not paying rent so when she shreds a door I can't pay to have it fixed so the damage is actually being done to another person.

She was on two melatonin tablets this morning because there was a chance (20-30%) of thunderstorms which turned into 100% by mid morning. I asked my mom to go give her an additional 4 benadryl but the damage had been done before noon today. I haven't see it yet.

When I got Clementine I was making really good money and I was able to keep her under vet care regularly as well as pay for the damages that she caused. Due to financial set back, unemployment and now scraping above poverty level at a job that keeps me away from her for long stretches at a time, I no longer can keep her safe.

I have turned the comments off because I am just making a record of this day. It has been rolling around my head for a while now and I have found a vet to do it for me not cheaply however. She really has suffered long enough. She is 11 now and super intelligent. This decision is breaking my heart and, no, G doesn't want it done either but honestly she is too high maintenance to re-home (as told by the rescue group). Plus I don't want her used for pit bull training which is prevalent in my neck of the wood, so I can't give her away to "good" home!

Anyway, this is a deep and depressing post. Sorry, but it is what it is. She has been a great dog but she is hurting with the anxiety and even though storms don't come that often; lately they have been more intense, and she has been affected deeply.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

G Is Home

I couldn't be more thrilled. She walked in and I picked her up and she just couldn't stop grinning and I couldn't stop smothering her in kisses. She even had a little embarrassed laugh she would do. It was too cute. We had to read her journal that night for our bed time read. It is the cutest thing ever! She showed me her souvenirs, a pencil sharpener shaped as a cannon, confederate money, historical trading cards and the pamphlets from the places she visited. I had seen her pictures earlier in the day. She told me lots about her trip which I enjoyed hearing.

We had a delayed anniversary celebration. I had gotten her a very cool watch for family day which I gave her when we all settled a bit Saturday. The cool part other than it was green with a cupcake on it is that it's a mood watch and the face changes color which I didn't realize. TOO COOL! She loves to go around now and ask how she is feeling based on the color of the watch, heh.

Sunday we stayed home after church and made dog biscuits, pizza for lunch and a couple of simple crafts. She let me get an hour nap which was nice, then we went to the grocery store. After that we made dinner and then ready for bed. She is hanging out with the grandparents today, tonight is karate (back in the swing of things) and another night with me, yea! To say I missed her was such an understatement. I was so excited they were on the way home that I didn't want them to stop for anything. I got dinner for Saturday and a few necessities so they could just come straight home. Though G missed me she didn't miss me near as much as I missed her.

And somehow she came home with more money than I sent her with so I am planning another trip just for the cash increase, heh. Actually she told me and my parents that she wants to go back for her birthday in April. I told her she needed to be sure and talk that up to the grandparents!!

Now we have to prepare for the start of 2nd grade. Where does the time go. G told me this morning that time moves really slow to her echoing my own belief at her age. Oh if it were only true!