Monday, August 01, 2011

G Is Home

I couldn't be more thrilled. She walked in and I picked her up and she just couldn't stop grinning and I couldn't stop smothering her in kisses. She even had a little embarrassed laugh she would do. It was too cute. We had to read her journal that night for our bed time read. It is the cutest thing ever! She showed me her souvenirs, a pencil sharpener shaped as a cannon, confederate money, historical trading cards and the pamphlets from the places she visited. I had seen her pictures earlier in the day. She told me lots about her trip which I enjoyed hearing.

We had a delayed anniversary celebration. I had gotten her a very cool watch for family day which I gave her when we all settled a bit Saturday. The cool part other than it was green with a cupcake on it is that it's a mood watch and the face changes color which I didn't realize. TOO COOL! She loves to go around now and ask how she is feeling based on the color of the watch, heh.

Sunday we stayed home after church and made dog biscuits, pizza for lunch and a couple of simple crafts. She let me get an hour nap which was nice, then we went to the grocery store. After that we made dinner and then ready for bed. She is hanging out with the grandparents today, tonight is karate (back in the swing of things) and another night with me, yea! To say I missed her was such an understatement. I was so excited they were on the way home that I didn't want them to stop for anything. I got dinner for Saturday and a few necessities so they could just come straight home. Though G missed me she didn't miss me near as much as I missed her.

And somehow she came home with more money than I sent her with so I am planning another trip just for the cash increase, heh. Actually she told me and my parents that she wants to go back for her birthday in April. I told her she needed to be sure and talk that up to the grandparents!!

Now we have to prepare for the start of 2nd grade. Where does the time go. G told me this morning that time moves really slow to her echoing my own belief at her age. Oh if it were only true!

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Vivian M said... that Miss G had the best time eber! And love that you both had a great reunion too!