Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

Last night, G and I and my parents met the teacher. G had been with my parents and I have had to work late this week so we just met at the school. Lots of paper to fill out. The teacher happens to go to church with us so that is nice. I didn't realize I knew her until I saw her, didn't recognize the name. I think I am going to like her. There is one little girl who was in G's kindergarten class that I am not happy about. She is a very disturbed little girl and causes lots of trouble. Thankfully though the class literally is across the hall from the principal this year.

Saturday is the dog's appt., earliest I could get. Tuesday we had a death in the family so tonight is the visitation. Seems this week has just been very very weird not just for me but for lots of folks.

G got to spend the night with a friend (not family) for the first time and did wonderfully well until she realized she left her bunny at the friend's house. With many tears, we had to retrieve said bunny before bed last night. Thankfully we discovered it fairly early in the evening so it wasn't quite as difficult to get.

Tomorrow morning is soccer try outs for G. Later in the week we will know who her coach is and when practice starts. So glad it is the weekend even if it is a very very sad weekend for us.

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Vivian M said...

Wow, so much going on. Hope school and soccer are a good distraction for you both. Our sincere sympathies on your recent losses....sending you all our love and hugs.