Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Week Today

We made it one whole week in school as of today. So far things are great. G has made two friends but one tells G everyday that she is short and even bends down to talk to her.

Yesterday when I picked her up, in her rush to get the back pack on she whacked herself in the eye with a plastic tag that is on her pack pack. So when I saw it my own eyes started watering and I over reacted taking her to the eye doctor up the street. He checked her out anyway. She did have a scratch on her cornea so we are on eye drop antibiotics until Thursday. This morning she looked at it and said it still looked a "little more shutty than the other eye." Yesterday it was so red and she said it felt "pinched" so I said, "better safe than sorry."

Other than that we are just rocking along. Storms are coming this morning. Every clear sunshiny day I regret putting Clementine down, but then the storm comes and I am so thankful she isn't here to be terrorized. It still hurts my heart but I know her heart was hurting so much worse than mine.

Oh and a little knock on wood side note, I am working on transitioning G back into her own bed. SHHHH don't judge! She has slept 2 out of 3 days there. I promised her that on the weekends she could have a sleep over with me so she is very much looking to Friday and Saturday night. My own hope is that she will enjoy sleeping in her own bed so much that she will not want to come back to mine.


Vivian M said...

Girl no one should be judging. We co-slept with Kerri for as long as it took, and thankfully she can now sleep in her own room.
Hope Miss G's eye heals quickly!
And as for your precious pooch, sending you a huge hug. We never forget our fur babies.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Being that I have slept with Lottie for almost 6 years, I totally get this. She is not even CLOSE to being ready but she has had other milestones and that is okay:) Sorry about her eye, poor little G. Big hugs Bev!