Friday, August 26, 2011

So Very Proud of My 2nd Grader

G stood up for herself against the little girl who kept telling her she was short. Now this wasn't just once or twice it was every day even after G asked her to stop, threatened not to be her friend if she didn't stop and even threatened to tell the teacher if she didn't stop. G even went so far as to follow my advice and tell the girl that she was too tall. Then the girl said it was best to be tall because according to a book she read ghosts take short people. Let me tell you that G was so terrified of a ghost getting her that we had another night of bed fail.

So G practiced what to say to her teacher that night and the next day and then she did it. She really told the teacher. I explained why it was necessary to support what she said so that the teacher would understand how serious it was and that she had made an effort to stop it herself.

She told the teacher what the girl was saying/doing (because there was another physical incident, not hurting but physical) and all the ways G tried to stop it before coming to the teacher, and the teacher responded positively. G didn't get in trouble as she feared she would. The girl only had to apologize and as of yesterday there were no more incidents. I have warned G that she may need to still be careful and if the girl does anything tell again.

But just to know that G stood her ground and did the right thing I am just so proud! I had warned G that if the teacher didn't respond positively I would have to get involved. I am trying really hard not to get involved but to help G take her own stand.

And tomorrow morning G will test for her green belt in tae kwon do. Monday starts soccer. We will have a busy season this fall.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Woo Hoo! You go girl!!!!! Ugh...I just can't stand little bullies, they start so young:( Praying for G and for God to mute little girls like this:)

Vivian M said...

Good for Miss G! That girl was being a bully.
You did good Mama. :o)