Friday, August 05, 2011

The Time Has Come...

To have my Clementine put down. I can no longer keep her safe. She has broken out of her kennel too often leaving a bloody path of destruction, and today was the last straw. This is for her safety as well as my sanity. She has destroyed parts of G's room and now my room. The stuff is not the point though we now have no mattress in our house un-mauled.

But the fact of her anxiety and her natural intelligence of being able to get out of whatever holding thing she is in and leaving her to her fears is too much. I do not own this house and am not paying rent so when she shreds a door I can't pay to have it fixed so the damage is actually being done to another person.

She was on two melatonin tablets this morning because there was a chance (20-30%) of thunderstorms which turned into 100% by mid morning. I asked my mom to go give her an additional 4 benadryl but the damage had been done before noon today. I haven't see it yet.

When I got Clementine I was making really good money and I was able to keep her under vet care regularly as well as pay for the damages that she caused. Due to financial set back, unemployment and now scraping above poverty level at a job that keeps me away from her for long stretches at a time, I no longer can keep her safe.

I have turned the comments off because I am just making a record of this day. It has been rolling around my head for a while now and I have found a vet to do it for me not cheaply however. She really has suffered long enough. She is 11 now and super intelligent. This decision is breaking my heart and, no, G doesn't want it done either but honestly she is too high maintenance to re-home (as told by the rescue group). Plus I don't want her used for pit bull training which is prevalent in my neck of the wood, so I can't give her away to "good" home!

Anyway, this is a deep and depressing post. Sorry, but it is what it is. She has been a great dog but she is hurting with the anxiety and even though storms don't come that often; lately they have been more intense, and she has been affected deeply.