Thursday, September 29, 2011

G Conversations

Heard last night:

G: Mama, you remember I'm smart?
Me: Yeah?
G: Well, when I have to do hard stuff I don't use my smarts.

G often starts a conversation with "Mama, do you remember ..." One morning she said, "Mama, do you remember Grandaddy?" So I answered as any smart aleck curious mom would answer, I said, "Umm, no I don't believe I remember grandaddy." And turns out that was the wrong answer for the absolute dramtics it produced. So the answer is always a "yes I do remember" even if in reality I really don't remember.

And for clarification, Grandaddy is my dad who is alive and well, thankyouverymuch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A child we know in town was offered candy & ride to play by man & woman. Child did right thing telling her mom. Suspects haven't been caught. Scary situation.

Lunch with G

Since I don't start work until tomorrow I have been having lunch with G. Yesterday she announced that she was chosen 2nd grade artist of the week. So today we took a picture of her with the artwork. This is actually a big deal with the principal even announcing her name over the intercom for the whole school. Yes, her eyes are a bit furrowed in this blurry picture because there were two classes of third graders watching me take this pic of her. She had to even stand in the chair to do so.

At lunch we eat outside on the picnic tables. Today she demonstrated her Asian squat like I call it on the picnic bench. Sometimes I think she thinks she is a frog, heh.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Defending Marriage, Explaining Grace

Fr Dwight Longenecker explains the defense of marriage better than I have heard in a long time. Though I disagree with marriage as participating in salvation (I am not Catholic) I do agree it is God's grace providing a glance at the marriage of Christ and His church. I also believe that the best marriage between 1 man and 1 woman is the ideal for children.

Here is an excerpt of his post:

"Our response is to note all of these crimes against marriage objectively and then accept on equal terms all people--no matter what their sinful condition. Do we find some of their behaviors repugnant? So be it. However, our natural repugnance does not mean we should hate those people or deny them human rights. We still see each person as a son or daughter of God and we hope to offer to them, as we do to all sinners--the heart of compassion and the chance for redemption, forgiveness, healing, peace and life.

"For that is what we wish for ourselves, who are also sinners and in need of the same."

Christians need to stand up and defend objective truth not based on if someone is good or nice in their own eyes but based on what the Bible says, what tradition says and what 5000 years of societies and cultures around the world have said.

It irks me to no end to have a person who chooses to live as the opposite gender claiming that distinction when a simple genetic test proves otherwise. Adding a few bits here or removing a few bits there no more makes a person the opposite gender from their birth gender than does wearing chain mail (metal) make them a car or a pipe.

The heart is deceitfully wicked beyond all things, that illness of the mind comes straight from the heart! And yes despite the DSM trying to make sin and crime normal it is still a sickness and deviance in all other ways.

Here is the plain truth, God loves you, the sinner, the traitor to His Majesty the Creator, above all things and enough to send His Only Son to die for and pay for your sin, your hypocrisy, your treacherous ways and to take away the rightful wrath of God that is directed at you; however, He also loves you too much to leave you in your filth and sin. He wants to rescue you from yourself and His wrath so He can make you like Christ. And the "you" I am using is collective; it includes myself just as it is individual meaning each and every person ever born or ever will be born!

Just think, the Creator of the Universe, came down to earth as a human baby, to live out the law perfectly because we wouldn't and couldn't (it is both, we won't do it and we can't do it because of our sin nature) and then sacrificed Himself at His Father's wishes to save us for His OWN GLORY. Not because of anything in us but from what is in HIM. To God be the Glory, forever and ever Amen!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyone Who Believes in Man Made Global Warming...

should watch this:
I hope this will clear things up.

History of Palestine - Israel Conflict Explained

This is a wonderful video explaining the lies told about the Palestine Israel conflict. If you haven't an idea what is really going on, Bill Whittle does a great job putting it on the table in a clear and consise manner. Mostly it is all about Jew Hatred and ignorant Western leaders playing the PC card.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Primal Book Review

Mark Batterson takes us on a journey to the 1st century underground church. Basically, he takes us back to the "ancestors" of our Christian faith. He reminds us where we came from and helps take us back to the time where being a believer would cost a life. For us in America, we know nothing of this faith though around the world there are believers who face this kind of persecution daily.

This is a wonderful book to bring us back to what it means to believe at the most basic level like the Christians of the first century. Truly in the West, we believers need to know and go back to this strong faith in the One Who gave His life for us. We may face a time soon when our faith will return to its primal beginnings.

I received this book for free in exchange for this review. My opinions are 100% mine.

Waiting for the New Job to Start

While waiting for the 28th to arrive, I am working on writing a grant for the ministry where I had volunteered during the last unemployment stint. If anyone has any advice please let me know. I have found several places but so far nothing that actually fits the purpose of the ministry.

I also had lunch with my baby girl yesterday on the picnic table in the school yard. That was fun for her. I brought her McDs and she enjoyed every bite.

I am trying to watch every penny being spent. I am not sure if the UE is going to come based on a myriad of things. I will have to wait and see.

My very good friend bought the tickets for Les Mis for my bday, I think I mentioned previously. I was able to find free parking down town even. So nice. I was so tired though the next day. I so enjoyed the play overall. there were two things I wish they hadn't changed though, one was the after the battle when Marius sings empty tables they no longer have the tables. It appears he walks through a "graveyard" singing the song. And Gavrouche, little people song is pretty much gone. I did like they way they handled his death with the one rebel's reaction. Anyway, I loved it.

So that is what I am doing in the meantime.

Book Review

Larry Crabb's book God's Love Letters to You is a daily devotional using the books of the Bible to show us just how much God truly loves us. Using the book of Deuteronomy Crabb shows us just how faithful God is despite our complete unfaithfulness to him.

Using the book of Genesis and the story of Joseph Crabb shows us that God does have a plan for us that may not necessarily be how we see or want our lives to go. If you need a devotional that brings home the message of God's love using His Words from His Book, this is the book you need. This would be an inspirational book to give to graduates making their own way, high school students as a reminder in the tough days, individuals struggling with finding a purpose in life and any other person who needs a reminder that God does have a plan and purpose for every individual.

In exchange for this review I received a free copy of this book. The opinions are 100% my own.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama's Effort to Humor the World


"You and your whole administration is absolutely crazy and are ruining our great nation. This is presidency is a big farce. Obama, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have a crooked Justice Dept., Homelande Security Dept. You have a joke of an Energy Dept and Human Services Dept. You are hurting businesses and individuals."

I wrote this personally in the website's report. I basically self reported, heh.

G Conversations

Heard at breakfast: I smelled my breath and it smells like pesto and when I smell that that is what I want.

Heard while walking from school: Mama, H telled me that she wants to be a strater or straker when she grows up. You know mama, someone who takes their clothes off. (mama cancelled that friendship)

Heard while getting ready for school: Mama, I feel like I have a stack of pepperoni in my stomach (holding hands vertical) and it feels like it leans like this (tilts hands). When I run it feels like they are breaking apart. (I chalked this up to things that make me go hmmmm)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Awesome! A def must see!
3001st performance of this Jean Val Jean.
So excited! Waiting in the theatre for the start of Les Mis!!!

Soccer Season

Soccer Season has begun. G saved her team from a much bigger loss by preventing 6 goals by the other team.

They have very pretty uniforms this year in green and blue.

Newest News

I have a new temp assignment that begins 9/28. The time schedule is not my ideal but we will deal with it. It isn't as much money as the last but is it 5 more hours a day so I will end up making a bit more. It could work into something more permanent but won't know that until the assignment end date in three months. Of course the biggest downside or upswing, however you wish to see it, is that the building is near a TAR-JAY with a *bucks which means I will have to be extra vigilant to avoid!

If we can work the time out for school drop out and pick up I think it will be perfect. Oh and I really am praying my vehicle will survive. God is holding her together for me right now. Apparently He wants me at this company for this time too because I specifically prayed that they would say no if it wasn't meant for me.

The potential schedules are 8-5 (bad for drop off), 9-6 (ideal), 10-7 (not terrible), and 12-9 (worst case) and not my choice! The company is also about 40 mins from my door to theirs in ideal conditions.

I am actually very okay with this and am praying that unemployment will at least cover the gap for the next few weeks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember-Never Forget

On this the 10th anniversary of the day that changed America, we shall never forget. I still remember what I was doing.

I think about G not even being a glimmer in her China parents' eyes. Amazing, seems like it was so far away and yet remembered as if it happened yesterday.

We must never, never, never, never forget.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Now for the Ironic News

As of today I again join the ranks of the unemployed. Not sure exactly why but the rumors that were going around two weeks ago were very true but the COO didn't want anyone to know she actually told someone who she would get rid of. Three of the temps were sent home for good and I was one of them.

No job news from the agency either. There is a possible project that starts the end of this month but will only run until January which will prevent an unemployment claim at that time. I can file now but not sure when that will kick in and the state sends checks not direct deposits which will mess up my no longer free checking account. YIPPEE!

I did manage to get holiday pay for Labor Day though I lost 3 hours on Tuesday due to a system being down and being sent home after being there only 1 hour. I made up the other three hours this week. We were promised the ability to make up the other 3 hours next week, hardee har har.

Not that I particularly liked the drama at the place nor did I like being a long term temp without any promise or hope but it was a semi steady income. So I cannot sleep, read or rest right now without my mind going in all directions. G and I came to spend the night with my mom since there is no dog to worry with anymore. That also is very ironic in that now I have no job and can be there during the storms.

My body seems to be attacking me, I am having zits or skin erruptions all over, and I do mean all over; I have a ginormous fever blister popping up (forgot my wonderful medicine at home); and my mind won't let me sleep. Plus I am cold because I am awake past my bed time. WAH!

On the upside, however, my friend S is going to give me a ticket to see Les Mis next week as a late (or rather on time considering) birthday gift. Did I mention I turned 41 last Saturday?

Pictures I Never Got Around to Posting

First Day of Second Grade

Green Belt Rank Test. No they didn't happen on the same day though it is the same shirt.

Labor Day Morning turned a wee bit cold and G decided to swing in her snow boots, pj shorts and northface jacket.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Truth About Big Oil

Mostly what we are paying at the gas pump goes back into the government in the form of taxes. We really ought to stop that!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Opinion Is Not Truth

There is truth and there can not be two opposing truths in existence. Thank you, Bill Whittle for this wonderful explanation.

The Donkey Whisperer

This is great! and OH SO REAL!

Kevin Jackson Responds to Questions Regarding Rep. Andre Carson

This guy is right on the money. I appreciate his candor and truly appreciate his POV.