Thursday, September 22, 2011

Defending Marriage, Explaining Grace

Fr Dwight Longenecker explains the defense of marriage better than I have heard in a long time. Though I disagree with marriage as participating in salvation (I am not Catholic) I do agree it is God's grace providing a glance at the marriage of Christ and His church. I also believe that the best marriage between 1 man and 1 woman is the ideal for children.

Here is an excerpt of his post:

"Our response is to note all of these crimes against marriage objectively and then accept on equal terms all people--no matter what their sinful condition. Do we find some of their behaviors repugnant? So be it. However, our natural repugnance does not mean we should hate those people or deny them human rights. We still see each person as a son or daughter of God and we hope to offer to them, as we do to all sinners--the heart of compassion and the chance for redemption, forgiveness, healing, peace and life.

"For that is what we wish for ourselves, who are also sinners and in need of the same."

Christians need to stand up and defend objective truth not based on if someone is good or nice in their own eyes but based on what the Bible says, what tradition says and what 5000 years of societies and cultures around the world have said.

It irks me to no end to have a person who chooses to live as the opposite gender claiming that distinction when a simple genetic test proves otherwise. Adding a few bits here or removing a few bits there no more makes a person the opposite gender from their birth gender than does wearing chain mail (metal) make them a car or a pipe.

The heart is deceitfully wicked beyond all things, that illness of the mind comes straight from the heart! And yes despite the DSM trying to make sin and crime normal it is still a sickness and deviance in all other ways.

Here is the plain truth, God loves you, the sinner, the traitor to His Majesty the Creator, above all things and enough to send His Only Son to die for and pay for your sin, your hypocrisy, your treacherous ways and to take away the rightful wrath of God that is directed at you; however, He also loves you too much to leave you in your filth and sin. He wants to rescue you from yourself and His wrath so He can make you like Christ. And the "you" I am using is collective; it includes myself just as it is individual meaning each and every person ever born or ever will be born!

Just think, the Creator of the Universe, came down to earth as a human baby, to live out the law perfectly because we wouldn't and couldn't (it is both, we won't do it and we can't do it because of our sin nature) and then sacrificed Himself at His Father's wishes to save us for His OWN GLORY. Not because of anything in us but from what is in HIM. To God be the Glory, forever and ever Amen!

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