Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Newest News

I have a new temp assignment that begins 9/28. The time schedule is not my ideal but we will deal with it. It isn't as much money as the last but is it 5 more hours a day so I will end up making a bit more. It could work into something more permanent but won't know that until the assignment end date in three months. Of course the biggest downside or upswing, however you wish to see it, is that the building is near a TAR-JAY with a *bucks which means I will have to be extra vigilant to avoid!

If we can work the time out for school drop out and pick up I think it will be perfect. Oh and I really am praying my vehicle will survive. God is holding her together for me right now. Apparently He wants me at this company for this time too because I specifically prayed that they would say no if it wasn't meant for me.

The potential schedules are 8-5 (bad for drop off), 9-6 (ideal), 10-7 (not terrible), and 12-9 (worst case) and not my choice! The company is also about 40 mins from my door to theirs in ideal conditions.

I am actually very okay with this and am praying that unemployment will at least cover the gap for the next few weeks.


Steph B said...

So glad you have a job starting in a couple of weeks. I hope you get the hours that work the best for you, and that your unemployment comes in soon to cover you until the job starts!

Vivian M said...

Wishing you the best as you start your new job!!!