Friday, September 09, 2011

Now for the Ironic News

As of today I again join the ranks of the unemployed. Not sure exactly why but the rumors that were going around two weeks ago were very true but the COO didn't want anyone to know she actually told someone who she would get rid of. Three of the temps were sent home for good and I was one of them.

No job news from the agency either. There is a possible project that starts the end of this month but will only run until January which will prevent an unemployment claim at that time. I can file now but not sure when that will kick in and the state sends checks not direct deposits which will mess up my no longer free checking account. YIPPEE!

I did manage to get holiday pay for Labor Day though I lost 3 hours on Tuesday due to a system being down and being sent home after being there only 1 hour. I made up the other three hours this week. We were promised the ability to make up the other 3 hours next week, hardee har har.

Not that I particularly liked the drama at the place nor did I like being a long term temp without any promise or hope but it was a semi steady income. So I cannot sleep, read or rest right now without my mind going in all directions. G and I came to spend the night with my mom since there is no dog to worry with anymore. That also is very ironic in that now I have no job and can be there during the storms.

My body seems to be attacking me, I am having zits or skin erruptions all over, and I do mean all over; I have a ginormous fever blister popping up (forgot my wonderful medicine at home); and my mind won't let me sleep. Plus I am cold because I am awake past my bed time. WAH!

On the upside, however, my friend S is going to give me a ticket to see Les Mis next week as a late (or rather on time considering) birthday gift. Did I mention I turned 41 last Saturday?


jennifer said...

Oh man that stinks... no other way to say it. I'm sorry. I hope that you find something soon. I'm praying for you and G. Happy Late Birthday. I was thinking about you last week during Sophie's birthday party and I failed to come wish you a happy one.

Steph B said...

I'm so very sorry. That really stinks. :(

Vivian M said...

Oh Beverly, I am so sorry to hear about the temp position. :o( I hope you find something even better soon.

Happy belated birthday!