Monday, October 17, 2011


So one update is that the car didn't come back like the police told me. It was another car. So that is really good news, maybe the potential kidnappers are forever gone.

Second update is 8-5 is not bad. We were able to get up and to school early actually so that I can set the alarm a wee bit later. The call center for today hasn't been too terribly bad. Of course that may change as the week goes on.

Third, this year I am skipping the whole flu shot thing since I am not allowed off to get the freebie. That is a long story and gripe of mine but I am trying to remain positive right now.

Fourth, I have several (2) books to review and post. They are both really good books and I am enjoying reading them but honestly sometimes finding the time is difficult to do. I will get them done soon though.

I know there was more to update but I forgot what all I wanted to say so I will have to come back later and re-post more.

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Vivian M said...

Glad the new schedule is working out! Give your princess a big hug from all of us. :o)