Monday, November 07, 2011

For Family Documentation Purposes Only

I witnessed God working in G's heart last night. This story begins on Wednesday when a speaker gave a lecture about ministry in the women's jail. G did not mention to me anything about it until last night. I did know there was a speaker who came to speak after the fact.

So last night she started asking me about the jail. I have experience with jails from a professional standpoint only so I was able to answer a lot of questions. As the questions though began repeating themselves I ended the conversation. Sometimes G likes to make statements in order to get a response from me. So I prayed that God would work in G's heart to keep her following His direction and not end up in jail at some point in the future.

Now almost 10pm and I was almost asleep she said, "Mama, what happens to people who stole something?" I said, "They go to jail, why G?" And G fell apart and admitted that she had stolen something from a friend not once but on two occassions. No, it wasn't money and not to brag but only to bring a bit of humor to this she is actually a very clever theif, but I digress.

I asked her why she did it and she has no idea why. I told her that she would have to tell them and return the items, she cried harder. I told her that I was so glad she told me and I was proud of her for finally doing the right thing. She so didn't want to tell anyone. She is so afraid that this friend will not want to be friends with her (understandable). She is so afraid that this friend will tell other people and they won't want to be friends with her (possible not probable). She is so afraid of what others will say or think about her. I am praying she will learn to care more about what God thinks rather than peers or for that matter any human.

I did come up with a way to give it back and tell the person without a big confrontation. She wrote a note this morning to the girl apologizing and asking forgiveness, returning the items in an envelope. I went with her to the child's class and returned it through the teacher this morning.

No child is perfect, no human is perfect and my deep prayer is that God will allow her to get caught each and everytime she does something wrong. Is that mean? I would rather God break her heart now and keep it soft for Him than for it to get continually harder landing her in jail in the future. She needs to learn lessons now when she has family to support her, help her make corrections and stand behind her rather than as an adult who is facing a life behind bars.


Steph B said...

I've gone through this with both my boys around the same age. One stole candy from a store and ate it. We returned to the store, and he had to tell the store manager what he did (I called the manager ahead of time) and pay for the candy. My other son took something from a girl in his class, and we drove to her house, and he returned it to her in person with his apologies, and she was very kind about it, as was her dad.

So much better to learn this painful and embarrassing lesson at an early age.

Vivian M said...

Oh mama, you did the right thing! As hard as it is to see our kids hurt, this is a very important lesson for her. And if you had not done the right thing, that would weigh on you. It is not mean, it is about teaching consequences, about teaching morality, right from wrong and holding our children accountable. I am pretty sure she will never do that again. And her suffering is punishment enough, and proof that she has a good heart and is truly sorry.
Huge hugs, I am very proud of both of you!