Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

We did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful. Both G and I spent Wed night with my parents so (for me) the best part of Thanksgiving was Dad making breakfast. Then we had pizza for lunch. Dad had a ham sandwich, not pizza. Don't feel sorry for us though, Mom has vertigo so she wasn't actually that hungry and neither G nor I like turkey. (I know, I know, I have heard it all my life, unAmerican). I would have cooked one for my mom and dad but since I don't like it and have never cooked one it probably wouldn't have turned out anyway. I did make some pumpkin cinnamon rolls from scratch and burned some spiced pecans (boo hoo) over the holiday weekend.

Anyway, I downloaded some games to the fire and G spent all most of the holiday weekend with her face in the fire like this:

So we agreed to keep it. I can go at lunch to a *bucks or McDs for the wi-fi which works fine for what I need anyway.

Today, G, mom and I headed off to the big city next door to buy seaweed because we have been out for a bit. Then we stopped at mcds for lunch and downloaded a few more FREE games. I will only put the free on the fire.

G and I did decorate Mom's tree for her for two reasons, 1) she feels badly and 2) 'twill be the only tree G and I decorate until the cats die for Christmas this year.

Friday night we watched the news where people were killed over a $2 waffle maker. The prices looked really tempting on some of that stuff but honestly my life is so much more valuable. Two women in big city next door left their babies in the car to shop and ended up arrested. Yup, brilliant I tell you! Black Friday is turning away from bringing the stores into the black from the red and becoming more of a "black" as in death and dismemberment day.

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