Monday, November 14, 2011

Kay Bratt's New Book Out Now

Chasing China: A Daughter's Quest for Truth Kay Bratt's newest book is out. For Kindle lovers it is $1.99 on Amazon. She also has another little novella titled The Bridge.

So far The Bridge is a really good book that lends the reader a view of life in China from an elderly mother's perspective. Can't wait to read the other., but will have to wait until the tears are gone from this one. Ugh! heart wrenching.

G started asking lots of questions last night. We had a very long conversation about how she in particular ended up here. Some how she decided she was found in a box. I thought it was her imagination, she said it was what she thought I had told her. I think from several books and songs we have heard she formulated that idea on her own. Problem is what I know which is very little doesn't include information about a box.

She was still processing this all this morning. I let her know it was okay to be sad, be curious, be glad, be confused all at once. She had a question that she said I can't answer and that is what is her mother's name. She is right I can't answer that. I told her that we together can give her a name (as is suggested in one of the adoption workbooks for children from China) that we have.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for that one moment when our little ones begin asking the adoption questions we don't have answers to. I do like your idea about giving their birth mothers a name.

Take care.