Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Personal Opinion on the Kindle Fire

I received an early Christmas gift from my parents. I got the Kindle Fire. I will tell you that I bought for my birthday a Kindle with 3g and wi-fi. The only thing I don't like about that one is it isn't touch screen or it needs a small mouse attachment. The lack color isn't a big deal.

The Kindle Fire is really pretty but twice as heavy as the one other Kindle with its cover even. The screen is nice but you can't see if light hits it. It is wi-fi only. I can't download books if I am not hooked to wi-fi. I also haven't gotten used to the touch screen. Sometimes it is uber sentitive and other times I can't find the correct spot to touch.

And it is ONLY wi-fi. That actually is a big problem because it can only be used in hot spots. I personally do not have any internet service at my home. I have no computer because my laptop died several years ago and being unemployed/underemployed I just couldn't justify buying a new computer and spending the monthly fee to have internet access. There are no hotspots within a reasonable area to my home. It is pointless to drive (waste of gas) to get within reach of a hotspot that would also require a purchase of something for the right of usage. *bucks is no longer in our town which would at least be helpful.

I also tried to download some of the favorite games we have loaded on other Kindle like sramble (G's word for scrabble) and Every Word but even over wi-fi it wouldn't download for me. I was able to add the books I haven't yet read to the device but new books go directly to the other Kindle which G and I will still have to share. But we now will share both.

Maybe I will soon have a permanent job that will allow wi-fi at home but maybe I will just save money and buy G and me an i-Pad 2. Maybe they won't be so expensive in a few years.

I wouldn't recommend the Kindle Fire if you can afford an i-Pad. I couldn't so I thought the Kindle Fire would be a great alternative, but without the 3g in the least it becomes just a very expensive e-reader. I may try to see if I can use the other Kindle's USB cord and see if I can download through that. It came with no instructions and the user guide is accessible through the internet only.

I purchased this Kindle Fire (parents paying me back for Christmas) thinking I would be able to use it at home. The first day I got it I was contemplating sending it back. I have a little bit of time to decide still. I begin a new temp assignment on Monday as the last one that was supposed to go to the end of the year didn't. I will take it with me and see if I can at least use the Fire at lunch or on break or something. If I can't I may send it back or offer it here for what I paid plus shipping because I can't afford to ship it anywhere like Amazon can.

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