Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adventures of Candycane

Sorry the pictures are so bad. I used the phone to take them. This little elf has gotten into some fun places. One morning he was in my cabinet with a note pad and wrote "good behavior" to take back to Santa that night.

Then one day he used a sucker to have a treat in one of G's hand made cups from school. Then one morning he was just hanging around on the cabinet door.

He drank G's milk from the night before as he hung out in the refrigerator where she put it.
G wasn't too upset with that since she obviously didn't want that milk again.

The second morning he got into G's leap frog games and played a bit before we woke up.

The first morning he was with us he got into G's snack container where we keep her easy to reach snacks which meant she couldn't get into them for fear of touching him.

Candycane has sure been an interesting addition to our Christmas season.

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Vivian M said...

What fun! Oh the trouble that elf could get into here....glad Kerri doesn't know about Elf on a Shelf!