Friday, December 09, 2011

What Was the Best Part of the...

...parade according to G? Throwing out the candy, of course. Probably the best $2.50 I ever spent. Even getting candy for herself wasn't the best. And of course none of my well planned idea worked. Too much to tell from the fire. Will have to post later from a real computer.

So now I can update the parade. The photos didn't turn out very well from the phone so no pics. I had planned to walk up to our church which was the end location for the parade (not far from my house), meet my parents, have chili provided by the youth group as a fund raiser, and then walk with G to the parade meeting place (again not far) and back home after.

That was how simple the plan was supposed to be. In actuality this is how it went down: First, I met my parents at the right spot but then they had to drive me back to my house because I forgot the candy. Then my dad wouldn't allow us to walk to the meeting place and drove us to the parade beginning. Then they drove us home instead of us walking home which literally would have only been a block from their car. Then when I went to put what I thought was the spare house key in the door it wasn't the right spare. Dad had to let me in the house. So all in all my wonderful plans didn't turn out so wonderful after all.

The only thing that did work was G throwing the candy and even then we ran out half way through! G was able to even collect some candy after our part ended. We saw my parents on the side of the road and jumped out of our spot to watch the rest of the parade. G said she preferred to participate rather than just watch so we shall see for next year.

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Vivian M said...

Aww glad Miss G had fun throwing candy at the parade! Can't wait to hear all about it. :o)