Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas parade tonight

Pictures coming soon. G and I are walking with her school. Very afraid it will be too cold. We are going anyway I think. At least right now that is the plan. I might be able to talk us both out of going or not.

So on another thought, this company for which I am temping has breakfast with Santa on sat. Not sure who is more excited me or G. I can't wait to post all about it on Sat.

Another thing, can't wait for Sherlock Holmes to open. Loved the first one.

Personally, I am in very great need of sleep. These next few weeks are going to be very busy with lots of late nights and potential tiredness meltdowns. We will get through this busy season. I just need to find one good napping day soon to boost me up for it.

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Vivian M said...

Sorry you are so tired! Hope you find some nap time too. The most wonderful time of the year seems to be pretty stressful sometimes, lol.