Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Before Christmas Activities

Candycane Elf went with G (stowed away in her suitcase) to spend the night with the grandparents. This morning G found him tangled up in her over the door basket ball goal. It appears he must have been trying to slam dunk and got a bit confused at what is supposed to go first. Later in the morning as my dad passed under the door way, Candycane threw the ball at him.

G and I made a new ornament for their tree. I found the idea and instructions from Kim's Musings blogs. It is a walnut shell ornament. We used a rock for the face because we didn't have any beads although I thought we did. It is most itty bitty and the phone's camera kept trying to flash which washed the picture out but there it is. I painted G's name on one side and the year on the other.

Anyway, that is what we have been upto today, two days before Christmas.

I am very tired too because a friend and I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. LOVED IT!!! LOVED IT!!! I want to keep Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes forever!!! Great movie. Now I want to see Mission Impossible and the Adventures of TinTin. TinTin may be a real possibility but MI may have to wait for the video.

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Kim K. said...

Fabulous ornament. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!