Monday, December 05, 2011

The Queen of What Ifs

G is the queen in asking all the possible what if questions imaginable with regard to any situation. This morning it was in regard to canned goods food basket for the custodians. I packed two cans in G's b/p to take to school. Her 1st concern was what if the boxes aren't labelled? I said ask the teacher. Then her 2nd concern was what if teacher didn't know about it. She had several other unrealistic what ifs regarding the collection so that I ended up yelling kindly mentioning for the thousandth time that I will not deal with what ifs so she could just bring the cans back home. The note that was sent home that G read took care of all potential what ifs imagined.

Sometimes I think she asks these questions to frustrate me. Then I have to remember that sometimes she just needs everything worked out to her understanding. I like things worked out too so we are not that different after all. My goal is to remember the latter more often than believing the former. Maybe that will help us have peace and understanding this holiday season.

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