Tuesday, December 06, 2011

something good

I know sometimes most of the time I record frustrating things about parenting but in reality G is a very obedient child. Case in point: Sunday before church she lost the privilege of playing with fire during church while I sang in the choir. Now the reality was that I would have never known if she had played with it b / c although I can see her, I can't tell what she is actually doing.

For the beginning of the service until offertory I am in the choir loft with her on "our" pew watching our stuff. It is a small church so I trust her. There are also friends all around. So after I came down from the choir loft and G had met me as previously agreed, I asked her how she remembered to watch for me to come down? She said that while she played with her dinosaur sticker book, she would look for me at the end of each page. She had accepted the punishment of not playing with the fire despite my not being present to monitor.

Of course her ability to sit by herself quietly without disrupting at the ripe old age of 7 almost 8 is a testament to her good behavior in public. A lot also has to do with not wanting people to notice her AT ALL thankyouverymuch.

Now at home she isn't always so gracious in accepting negative consequences. Those are the frustrating times for me. On the other hand, we both can laugh at ourselves after the frustrations are over. I am reminded often how lucky I am to have G in my life. She is a super cool kid when you get past her wall.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Lottie is the same way!I'm glad she showed so much maturity...G really is a blessing:)

Vivian M said...

Wow, Kerri could never sit still and quiet, lol. We should switch kids for one day. I am pretty sure you would want Miss G back in just a few hours. ;o)