Monday, December 26, 2011

Terrible Pictures from a Wonderful Day and Merry belated Christmas

These were taken with my phone in the only restaurant/bar open on Christmas. G and I were on our own for the day and after church, playing with some of the toys brought by Santa and a wee nap for me, I took G to see the movie The Adventures of TinTin. Very good movie by the way.

It ended after 6pm so I hoped and prayed we would find a place to stop and eat. Lo and behold one restaurant in the whole of big city was open and packed. A family who came in after me struck up a conversation because her brother and family adopted a 3 1/2 year old from some southern place in China (she couldn't remember now) about 5 years ago. So we had a conversation about her precious niece Quinn in MS and my precious G while waiting for a table to open up. Love the China connection (I really do).

While at dinner, I turned G onto the finer things of life like fried dill pickles!! As far as I am concerned fried dill pickles are a staple of life. Too bad I don't eat them except on special occassions and what could be more special than Christmas with my G?

While we waited G played the fire which also drew conversations out of other diners waiting. They all assumed it was her present. I explained that she was playing with the family gift because I never get to even hold it when she is around hardly.

Before we left the restaurant G asked if I would re-wrap all her gifts so she can open them again. She promised to forget everything she got so it would be like a surprise all over again! I said no.

G did receive from my parents a new set of sheets and bed cover (on super clearance from Target like REALLY SUPER CLEARANCED) and she slept in her own newly made up bed all night long last night! WOOT! We had left a (safety) heater on in her room so it was toasty warm for her and pretty much stayed that way even when I moved the heater back to my room. She played her new DS games while she fell asleep.

I have to say I loved having Christmas on a Sunday. We so enjoyed going to worship service Christmas Eve (candlelight service) then to worship the One Who came to the manger to grow and die on the cross for our sins, on that day we have chosen to celebrate as His birthday added so much to the day. Plus in a heathen way it broke up the present unwrapping so that celebration lasted longer too.

Today, I packed G up to spend the week with my parents since I have to go back to work tomorrow. She packed up most of her Christmas to bring with her to have something to play while here. Hoping she won't scatter all the bits where we can't find them. She is pretty good about keeping all the little bits together when she plays but has a bad habit of forgetting where she last kept it all. She also has 7 year old eyes that look for things only even with her standing line of sight.

Anyway looking forward to the New Year and praying it will be MUCH better than the last few.


Vivian M said...

Merry Christmas Beverly and Glenys!

Donna said...

Sounds like a fun Merry Christmas!