Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, the Aftermath

Actually I haven't many pictures. G stayed up until Santa was headed to Orlando and it was by threat that she finally drifted off to sleep. Then she woke about 8am and didn't want to go see the Chrismas gifts until after breakfast. Can you believe that? I wanted to go and I knew what they were but she wanted to savor the moment which we did. Santa brought the winter house shoes I needed. I had told G that I was going to stop believing if I didn't get house shoes so she said, "Do you still believe, Mama?" I told her I still believed and that was good. She loved everything but only got to play with one thing because after the gifts were opened we packed her up and headed to my cousins for the day then took G and my cousins two girls to my aunt's for the night. They did beautifully out there. Tonight the three girls are back at my cousins to see her two nieces and G is also spending another night with them. The blizzard that was predicted came through in a flurry. Pretty much a big let down around here. That didn't stop the worst drivers in America from getting on the highway and acting a fool. The roads were not bad driving home at all but a little slick this morning. The original plan was to have G back home tonight and at my parents tomorrow but best laid plans of mice and men and cousins who try to run everybody elses business! So G is hanging out with 5 of her second cousins and loving it. I worked today and will tomorrow. No more time off until New Year's Day! I was going to post a picture but honestly my computer is so wonky and slow I just don't have the patience for it so I am heading to bed.

Monday, December 24, 2012


To hear the deep steady breathing of a sleeping child before working the Christmas magic which will be revealed in the morning. G has asked me how will she know what to do when she has children and I explained that the mother secrets are passed down from mother to mother and that I would be there to explain it all. The part I obviously missed was about sleep at bed time. I will catch up later. For now, Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

G and Her Painting

G wrote all of the stuff about her painting I posted in the previous post to her Elf Candycane in an e-mail. He hasn't responded back to her yet.  Actually, since I have the internet access and computer with me ole Candycane can't reply.  I guess that will be a tomorrow magic trick some how.

Oh and the weather is absolutely crazy windy and cold.  Maybe winter is really coming to the south, heh.

From G's Own Words

"When I was at art today, Ms. F (my art teacher) asked me if I can draw on a canvass and she asked me if I could draw the picture she put up. It was a dog and a cat and the dog was chasing the cat. And she just drew for me the border and the cat's head and I had to do the rest of the body and the face details and the stripes on the cat. And Ms. F just drew the head of the dog. I got to paint it and missed all my class time and I just had to do one piece of work and a big test. And I had recess and lunch. And she said come back at 12:45 and I was twenty minutes late. And I said to her, "I just got out of recess." My mama said it is a great honor to be asked because she only buys 10 canvasses a year and I painted the last one.
"And I had to get a q-tip to draw dots for stars. And I learned how to clean a brush better. At first when I was there I stayed for 1 hour and 30 mins. And I have already signed my name and I just started Wednesday. And now probably Thursday this week, I will have to present a project in front of my class."
G was asked to paint one of only 10 canvasses for the school.  A very big honor by the way.  She did so and was SO VERY EXCITED about it and talked and talked about it to my parents and me.  As soon as the weather and my computer cooperates I will post a photo of the painting.  It really is very good.  She did it in a day and missed most of her class time. 
She has to give her presentation on the inventor today since she painted all day yesterday.  Only 7 kids brought their projects back on time. The other children missed recess for not doing it.  The 7 that brought it back have very involved parents and without the teacher reminding everyday can get it done.  I pointed out how important it is for G to understand that the teacher isn't going to remind students about assignments regularly but that they are to learn to take responsibility for the assignments handed out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Has Been Really Crazy Busy

Doing nothing at all really.  I just mailed my Christmas cards last night and only to people I received cards from.  20 free cards don't go far and I have a Sunday School class that gets precedence over everyone else.  I love my Sunday School members and hope they are all there on Sunday because Christmas snuck up and I didn't bring them last Sunday.  I know I am a loser!

Anyway, Sunday I was check mated by God Himself.  Yes I know He is a Master and I should listen.  He warned me.  See G is beginning to have strain and stress and it is showing in defiance and melt downs (2 so far for the week in a row).  So Sunday she was in a mood and so was I.  I told her to get out of my bathroom and she refused to do so.  I left her there, turned off the light in the bathroom and bedroom and then brought the door fast behind me.  I can't say it slammed because it didn't.  My finger was in it.  I ignored the nudge of God which if heeded would prevent these melt downs.  I am not sure why I am so thick headed but I am and I apparently need the physical pain to get His drift. 
Dumb door cut my finger, it did and in a very tender place, right above the knuckle between a wart I have and the nail.  Still hurts. 

About the melt downs, G has a project due today.  She was given the instructions and research helps two weeks ago.  Her teacher had the flu all last week.  Monday, another mother is helping her daughter with a poster board (same research project) for her individual project.  I decided to look more closely at the home work folder that G tells me she never has anything in.  And then I read the instructions.  The research helps were to be taken and she was to write a 1 page paper or type a 1/2 page paper and put artifacts on a poster board or project board.  By the way this was discovered at 8:30 pm Monday night. 

No poster board most definitely no project board and G had NO clue how to put those thoughts together to write a paper.  Ginormous melt down and a frustrated mama listening to all the excuses of why she didn't do this and how she didn't have to blah, blah, try to remember she is only 8 years old blah, gah!

So I explained that her teacher expected her to do this without reminders, she had given her the deadline and she is expecting a finished project on Wed.  So I read over her info and basically dictated her paper.  She wrote what I said mostly.  She wrote very very neatly and then last night we printed pictures out for the artifacts.  She researched the inventor of LEGOs and wrote about LEGOs.  I suggested she write about some of the things she has built, you know like, houses, cafes, apartment buildings, machine guns; then I thought better of the last item in light of Friday so I nixed that one.  But she did put a picture of the pirate ships she and her grandad built to play war with on the top of the project board.  We snagged a few more pictures of what people have build with LEGOs for the other artifacts. 

Her poster board is not poster board size but I think it is very cute.  She is supposed to present it today.  I had better get an A on this, ::snort, giggle::, I mean G had better get an A on this.  My dad helped her do the research but he apparently didn't read the instructions either because there wasn't enough for a 1 page paper with what they got themselves. 

Anyway I am preparing for a melt down a night until school comes back in January and no, she has 3 more days of school before the break.  Yea, yea I know Christmas comes the same time every year but still it snuck up yet again!

Going to wake the girl so she can go find the elf!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

O Christmas Tree

G and I found a live Norfolk Pine at the grocery today that only sent our groc budget over by $6 so we got it.  Yes it is a small tree but we haven't had a Christmas tree decorated in the house in years due to the existence of animals and little room. 

But G cleaned off her train table and we made room. Then we put ornaments that had been given to us over the past few years or made by G which never made it back into the actual Christmas boxes and G also made some new ones like the angry bird ornament.  She drew out and colored several for the tree.  Then I wrapped a few gifts so now at least that area of the house is feeling a bit more like Christmas.  Now the goal is to keep the tree alive for a few years then plant that bad boy at our house or my parent's house. 

Of course one ornament had to get broken and that by me.  It was an ornament G made last year with her thumb prints on it.  Why was it made in glass?  Why not plastic?  Oh well.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


G has her first group project this year about inventors.  Her group picked the inventor of the Ferris wheel.  One of the girls told G to look up some information at home about it and highlight it.  G will let others run over her so I was a bit concerned that she was being asked to do the work so I asked her if the other kids had to read and highlight the information as well and she said,

"Oh no we all GET to look it up."

So I really hope this will always be her attitude towards homework and reports!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Candycane Updates

discovered a brilliant idea that could keep G happy with the elf's antics and that is that Elf learned how to e-mail from one of my e-mail accounts to the other one. 

The first e-mail came Friday and there were three short ones in a row.  Candycane mentioned going into her room so when she went to check in her room she saw that the door of her room was open and she noticed a toy stroller was moved in her room so she just knew he did it. 

Funny that, no one had been home to be in her room but she saw magic.  Of course this was a brilliant idea until Saturday and Sunday when G and I were together all day long or away from a computer and she was still demanding Candycane to e-mail her.  I almost got caught at my parents writing to her. 

She has asked fun questions and had him ask her fun questions.  We are going against the rules ever so slightly but she is learning fascinating things about Elf life. 

Friday morning, the elf got into the peanut butter.  I had to put the top back on it so that meant possibly touching the little dude.  G told me I couldn't touch it but I said, "Mamas can touch it." and she said, "No, only adults can touch it."

 I said, "Well, in case you haven't noticed I am an adult."  She said, "I think it means someone 50 or older."  He survived then to leave for the evening.

Yesterday he learned to ride G's plastic horses.  The cat knocked him off once and then when I tried to put him back on he fell off the other side of the horse and landed face down with a thud on the floor.  Oops.  G just fell out laughing.  I pointed out to her that it looked like he apparently wasn't a very good horse rider since he couldn't stay on the horse.  Obviously to me of course, horses aren't in the North Pole so he wouldn't know how to ride.  So like I said, and if I didn't, I meant too, Christmas can't get here soon enough so I can stop the Elf madness!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated Adventures of Elf on the Shelf

So Candycane returned Thanksgiving night.  G has been beside herself with glee.  Saturday morning he was doing push ups on the radio, Sunday morning he was hanging out on the back of the computer, Monday he decided to take a bath with germ-x and during the day he typed out a letter to G. 

We came home from karate and G was getting ready to play on the computer when she (finally) noticed a letter on our printer.  We had been home almost 15 mins. 

Sometimes I think I am just too clever, heh.  She snatched it and said, "Hey, what is this?  Wonder if it is from Candycane." 

I said, "Can't be." 

She she squealed, "MAMA, IT IS! SEE IT IS FROM CANDYCANE." 

I typed the letter in almost cursive script so she had me read it to her.  Then when she woke the computer up not only was the letter still up on the screen the wi-fi log in box was too, hmmm, sneaky elf.  I wish I had a camera set up but I couldn't give it away that I am the elf.  I even act like I can't stand the annoying thing so she doesn't catch on.  Last night she begged me not to find him first.

This morning she found him playing with her legos in the front room, a room I do not enter until we walk out the door.  Again, just very excited about what that elf is doing.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Slow End to a Slow Weekend

,Actually I worked Friday and Saturday entering data for the survey company I had temp'ed for over the summer.  It covered (plus a little more) the two days I won't get paid for the Thanksgiving holiday.  By the way, still being PRN chaps my hide really badly, particularly because a co-worker was responsible for putting the idea in the administrator's head.  That co-worker is still there and still as ridiculous as ever. 

But today I took my back to normal Sunday afternoon nap which felt so very good.  G played games and watched TV.  And I must brag on G because Friday while I worked she entertained herself with movies and games and computer while I worked.  Yes, she was curious about what I was doing and would come and peer over my shoulder so to speak but she was so very good.  Friday it was just the two of us at my parents house so she could have access to a computer and games while I worked. They came home Friday evening and were there on Saturday.  She was a little less patient but still very good about entertaining herself for such a long period of time.

I haven't taken any new pictures in months.  I suppose as she gets older I just get lazy or maybe want to protect her more.  Christmas will be interesting and the festivities have partially started with the return of Candycane our Elf on a Shelf (spy).  G was beside herself with joy at his return.  She has talked to him and asked him questions and just annoyed the little booger to death.  I wouldn't be surprised if he took a week vacay from the very talkative Ms. G. 

School will be back in swing for the next four weeks then there is a two and half week holiday break.  I get only Christmas day off.  I suppose G will have to stay with my parents.  Maybe I can find someone willing to keep her over the holiday to give my parents a break.  They say they don't mind but I hear different gripes from my siblings about G having to stay with my parents (my parents don't gripe). 

Anyway, not looking forward to going to work because I have truly enjoyed the slow weekend.  If I could find full time data entry work and do it from home I would so be about that and leave the 40 minute one way drive.  I am not good at marketing though so I can't market myself well.  The survey company is very pleased with my work but a full time job doesn't really allow for 15 extra hours a week. Now if they leave me PRN for 3 days and I can find the data entry for two days that would work just fine.  I just don't think the survey work will be a guaranteed 15 hours per week consistently.  I am not beyond taking two days off though as a PRN employee and doing work from home periodically.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Handel's Messiah (new generation)

is playing on the DVD/TV combo, G is playing with her legos, and I am blogging on this fine Thanksgiving morning.  (it is still technically morning since I started this at 11:42am.  We semi watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS which apparently doesn't have the rights to show the actual performances of the parade which is totally not fair since NBC doesn't come through our digital antenna tv.  And speaking of antenna, didn't we do away with those with the digital age?  Everything is circular I suppose, it all comes back 'round eventually, at least the good functional ideas.

So G is a textural vegetarian and I am a practical one since she hates the texture of meat and I haven't the foggiest how to cook it for one person, our Thanksgiving meal will consist of homemade pepperoni pizza and chocolate cake with powdered sugar for icing and that is how we like it.  G let me sleep until 8:53am before she woke me up to get her a kleenex and to ask when was I getting up.  I had planned to sleep until I couldn't anymore but since she woke me I now get to take an afternoon nap. 

Our Thanksgiving meal hasn't actually been decided as far as time goes.  I have some leftover lo mien noodles calling my name and I may eat those for lunch and hold the big meal for supper.  Planning is really what Thanksgiving meals are about, it is all in the planning and that is sometimes the most fun.

We are treating today like a Saturday for the most part to get laundry done and pickup/sweep up around the house.  Tomorrow I have set aside to go out to my parents and work on the surveys I picked up yesterday.  I told G the extra money can be for us to do something special. Let's hope I am right and we can do something special for just the two of us.  Not that most of our life isn't for just the two of us. 

Now we are playing Uno on the kindle fire.  Best purchase ever, I think it was free. 

G is such a goofy little kid.  I just love her and am so thankful to the Creator God for bringing us together. Remember on this Thanksgiving to Whom we owe our thanks.  It isn't enough to just be thankful but to be thankful to the One Who loves you the most.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Low Slow Saturday

G is at a birthday party where the birthday girl held a toy drive for a local ministry.  We took playdough.  Figured since it was a girl's bday party there would be a plethora of girl toys and not so much for the boys.  I was right so the playdough works for both and fit in my cash only budget.

After dropping G off I headed to the grocery store and found some frozen artichoke hearts (breaded) and they were so very yummy!  I was actually there to pick G up something of a personal nature and look into getting some ding dons of the hostess variety.  Shelves quite empty on that front.  I found the 100 calorie smallish cakes though, coffee cake and the yummy cinnamon buns so when these are gone no more Hostess.

I am no just $80 away from $.30 off on gas.  That will be accomplished next Saturday for sure.  Oh and I am not participating in black Friday.  Never will.  To me the savings are not worth the stress.  Let all the others go for that.  I think Amazon will be my bestie this year as far as gifts go.  G's main gift is already on the way, yippee!  One down, not much more to go hopefully.

Planning on taking a nap today after picking G up.  Christmas music is on and oh how I love Christmas music!!  Dad will be home tomorrow and mom is almost beside herself with relief.  My aunt handed me my mom's birthday money last night at karate for a pedi but she did it on the sly and said, "this is for a pedi."  It took me a wee bit off guard and I asked, "My feet look that bad?"  But then it registered that it is for my mom from her sisters.  Done today as well. 

Now off to get the girl.  We shall see how the rest of the day plays out.  Have a great weekend and go to your place of worship this weekend to sing praise to the One Who created you and loves you enough to make a way to Him!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Is Next Week

We still have so much to be thankful for in this country.  There are men and women willing to serve and protect our foundational principles even though their leaders don't seem to understand the idea of integrity.  Thank you, US Military.

I still have a job for now and a possible side thing.  Though the side thing hasn't yet come through.  And people do see my capabilities but are unsure of how to use me in the best way.

My mom has not been alone much this week.  We saw her Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues.  My sis came and stayed last night and my mom's sis is coming today through Sat.  Dad will be back Sunday so this week is almost over and things will go more normal for her.

G is doing well in school if I can only get her motivated to start and finish one chapter book at a time. Her eyes are much bigger than her actual capabilities and she tends to start books then it takes pulling teeth to get her to finish one. 

So I am so glad for two days off though I may not get paid but that also means I don't have to drive and spend the gas to go anywhere.  My shopping for Christmas will be on-line and not during all this black friday mess because that is way WAY TOO stressful for me.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, the Aftermath

Verified that it was the head nurse over Friday's e-mail confrontation that did indeed cause my boss to get fired.  Then later I went and asked the consultant about the PRN status and he said, "Well, you can quit."  I said, "I was mostly concerned about being paid for Thanksgiving."  He said that he hasn't been able to get to it but would next week.  So in the 3 months that I have now been here I am unable to accrue PTO. And I am not sure I will be paid for the two days off at Thanksgiving.  So the lesson we have all learned is the requirement to grovel at the feet of this head nurse to keep a job that barely pays the bills anyway.  YAY! ME.

Sense of Foreboding and Gloom

The business manager who helped me get the current job was let go yesterday due to "lack of a sense of urgency."  Seems curious this happened after she confronted another manager for public humiliation of me over something that happened on Friday. 

Friday, I had made a call, several really, to a specific hospital for a specific date of death on a mutual patient.  The first hospital (in the series of hospitals in the same system) I called could tell me the patient died but said she couldn't find a date and told me to call a 2nd hospital in the system.  That person at the 2nd place fussed at me for calling because I shouldn't have been sent there as they had no records.  Then after going on and on, seriously, she said here is a number to patient records and I will transfer you.  But she hung up on me after giving me the number.  She may have tried to transfer but it hung up. 

So I call the 3rd place and the person kept putting me on hold.  I thought she would come back with the date eventually but apparently she was asking if she could give me the number.  Finally she said I would have to fax a request on letterhead.  I couldn't really believe it actually.  They had already told me he died and it wasn't recent. Then she put a manager on the phone.

Of course I was frustrated by this point and explained what I needed and she said the same.  At this point I had had it and said, "No I won't, I will make up a date.  Thank you."  and hung up.  Okay so I shouldn't have said the part about making the date up, but I had figured out the person died the day after the last time our docs saw the patient which is actually the pattern of the office docs.  I wanted them to verify that.  They wouldn't even do that. I wasn't rude but very frustrated.  So this is Obamacare and regulations for you, doctor's offices and hospital business offices have a love/hate relationship about sharing information and so they make it all difficult under the guise of HIPAA.

Now mind, my manager was sitting right next to me listening to the entire series of conversations.  But a couple of hours later literally, the hospital called the head nurse to complain.  I understand.  So the head nurse came and instead of speaking with my manager and myself privately she berated me infront of the business office.  Funny that, when it was only the last week this same head nurse in the hall of the office made a patient cry over a comment about someone not having ba"lls to confront her about a bill. 

Anyway, my manager did not stand up for me in public which I silently questioned but said nothing.  Apparently however she e-mailed this head nurse and asked her not to ever do that again and told her that I had not been rude as she had been sitting next to me through the entire series of calls.  The nurse got mad about the e-mail and called the doctor.  Then yesterday when the consultant came back he let my manager go with the lacks a sense of urgency reason.

I don't expect to have a job by the end of this week and it could happen as early as today.  I was quite devastated for my manager.  She did the right thing and she believes her being let go is 100% about this head nurse.  If that really is the deal and this nurse has that kind of power then we are all in trouble.  She is mostly a bully even with her own staff. 

Sometimes I detest working with a bunch of women.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mom Update

Just to let those interested know, my mom has been told by a doctor after some type of tests that it is not Alzheimer's.  She does have a doc appt with a neurologist in Dec.  I have asked her to mention (and will mention to my dad) blocked arteries as well. 

I think one of the things that make her minor forgetful incidents so bad is they are compounded  by the rememberance of my grandmother and when you take all the small things together, it seems like so much worse. 
Mom also gets obsessive when she knows she either can't find something she is looking for or if she realizes she is forgetting something or if she is very tired.  That is a really weird part of whatever is happening.

Thanks for the concern and if there is any other info to share please do so because at this point we want to know all possibilities.  Can't hurt to investigate further.

G Conversations

This weekend while G, my mom and I were running errands, I was handing something to G while strapping her in the car seat.  I was telling her to take something but she just stared at me.  Finally, I just reached over and put whatever it was down for her.  Then as I was getting in I heard her say something and mom busted out laughing. 

G said, "Mama, my brain and your voice were not communicating."

The Weekend

My dad is in Long Island with the disaster relief team.  So my mom is by herself.  Friday night G and I had karate and mom went to a volunteer thank you dinner for the HH.  G and I showed up at the dinner (not for food but to see mom) after karate and as I walked in the director of HH told the story  going to MS to evaluate a food giveaway program. 

While we were in MS that day I saw the computer program they used and I set one up for this director.  I have not been able to maintain the program but I gave it the first set up.  I had expected someone (who was working at HH) to maintain it but that didn't happen. 

The director praised my ability to set this program up for her and praise always makes me uncomfortable.  I told her if I had known she was going to say all those nice things I wouldn't have shown up at all.  I miss her but since I am working I can't help like I used to.  Even after hours because the hours of HH are during the hours I work.

We saw mom and visited with some people I knew.  Mom asked G and me if we were going to spend the night with her that night but sadly Saturday morning we had rank test at 8am.  Mom lives 15 mins north of me and everything else.  It just wouldn't have been feasible.  And Saturday the plan was to go to the grocery store and do laundry not go to mom's, but while we were getting gas Mom called.  I could tell she was upset.

She asked if we were going to come out to see her and I said that I had lots of laundry to do but asked her if she wanted us to and she said yes.  Then I asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing I will tell you when I get out there."  She even told me to bring my laundry and she would help me do it. 

I told G our plans changed because grammie was upset and crying.  G's response was, "Is grandaddy dead?"  Now you just have to understand that is just our family.  We most always head to the very worst case scenario so I just laughed and said, "No grandad isn't dead, we would have already known that." 

I did call one of  my aunts and am so glad I did because she told me she was coming on Thursday to stay with mom for a couple of days.  That bit of info was important because my mom couldn't remember when she was coming or when she was leaving.  My sister is coming Wed and G and I spent Saturday and Sunday (days) with her.

What had upset her was doing what everybody does at least once maybe more often and that is accidentally setting the car alarm off.  Then Sunday she lost the alarm fob and after searching high and low we found it in the car.  I attached it to her bed headboard and told her to leave it there. 

My mom is getting a bit forgetful like my grandmother did at the start of her Alzheimer's.  That is very scary and disheartening to me.  Anyway, dad will be back on Sunday.  He has sent some photos via phone text about where they are staying.  She missed his call yesterday because she left her phone home and we went to lunch after church.  I hope he called later last night. 

While at mom's we watched Duck Dynasty.  Funniest show on earth.  Loved it much and yes this is the first time I ever saw it though this Halloween I heard about it.  Makes me wish we had satellite or cable.  Off to another week...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obviously, I Am Not Happy About the Election

But I am also not surprised.  I see this now as the Jewish nation of old when God told the prophet he was raising the Chaldeans to come punish Israel for their sin.  This is exactly how I see this.  The Christians are at fault for allowing the culture to sway secular and for allowing the removal of God from the public square. 

As much as I wanted real change, we didn't get it.  We got the same which will cause national deterioration through out the world.  Sensible people voted for O again out of race identification.  I know this for some are against what he stands for.  Why would you vote for someone who holds completely opposite views than you with regard to abortion, gay "rights" and higher taxes?  The only reason would be because of race. 

I saw O campaign very well to his base and those entitlement food stamp recipients.  The very ill informed of the nation.  Those who couldn't pick Benghazi out on a map don't really care if O went to bed at 3am instead of getting updates on the situation.  But they do care to see him acting like he cared about what was happening with Sandy, even if the reality is he was too busy campaigning to care about anything.

Chris Christie still in complete shock over the situation became all doe eyed with the O visit which probably swayed a few independents.  I think when Gov. Christie wakes out of his own shock he may be a little embarrassed over the photos.

The media dictated what the Republican platform is with its push on birth control.  Rumors started that Romney would out law tam*pons and the weave (no kidding) people believed it and spread it.  As it has been said (by someone I should remember) "A lie can go around the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on."  That was very well seen in this election, few liberals will acknowledge it.

The MSM continued the lie that the economy was all Bush's fault even though O gave $500 billion dollars of tax payers money to failed Solyandra and others like it. The government cannot create commerce.  All the government can do but shouldn't is regulate it.  Bush's unemployment over 8 years was never as high as O's in 4.  Government can't create jobs.  All government can do is take money from those who can make it and give it away.

For some reason the MSM has decided it wants to fundamentally change America as well no matter what the constitution says.  The bias is evident and can be seen by the numbers of positive O articles verses Romney articles.  Even in the way photos were take of Romney v. O. 

Religious bigotry showed its head as well with the left.  Romney would have been a friend to Israel.  I am very afraid for the Middle East right now.  They already know where Obama's concerns are and that he is no leader.  Don't think they won't use that to their advantage, the taliban and Muslim extremists I mean.  You know the ones who killed our Ambassador and the Navy Seals trying to defend him?  And you also know that O told the defenders in the area to stand down all the while the embassy personnel were BEGGING for help. 

And then we all need to be very afraid of Valerie Jarrett.  She has some evil intent on those of us who don't like the way America is going.  She is going to live out her revenge through her sway on O.  We are all in for a world of hurt. 

Several people admitted on twitter that they had voted multiple times.  The sad fact is the fraud that was committed was real and mostly coming from the left.  When people complained they were ignored.  Several people showed up and was told they had already voted.  No incident will be investigated because O won.  Had Romney won all fraud on both right and left would have been investigated.  O cares not one wit about the Constitution or law or anything about saving this country.

The rich will hoard the next four years.  The unemployment numbers will balloon.  Just watch out, the next four years will tank the economy.  Conservatives need to change the national dialogue and put an end to the MSM bias that is way too obvious.  We have 4 years to do it.  My prayer is we can.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

National Adoption Month

We spent this weekend celebrating culture at India Fest 2012.  What?  You thought I meant Chinese culture?  Nah not this weekend.  A friend had some tickets to share so we went.  We visited the Mehndi booth for the henna tattoo, I think it is henna or something similar and it is a long lasting tattoo.  They had so much food. 

G shook the hand of a rajah (not really sure what he was and I failed to get a pic but he was fully dressed from head to toe).  We saw two dance groups.  G had her name written in Hindi.  I hope that is what they said they wrote but since I really can't decipher Hindi I am just going to trust that they wrote "G...". 

G jumped on the bungee thing.  She said it felt weird coming down so she didn't jump up too high, heh.  The day outside in the sun was very hot. In the shade it was comfortable.  So much for fall.  Seems we have bounced back into summer.

There were so many beautiful saris and tunics.  We didn't stay long, but we were in a sea of people long enough.  I had a headache from the day before that I just couldn't get rid of.  I finally had to take a nap, that surprisingly didn't diminish the headache.  We changed the clocks back at 5pm so we used our extra hour while awake. 

Today was All Saint's Sunday at church and no mention of Adoption month.  Makes me sad. I really need to be much more active this next year to bring attention to National Adoption Month in our church.

As today was Sunday I took my normal Sunday afternoon nap.  G played legos and not sure what else.  G made a horse out of legos and created an armour looking thing around it with guns and everything.  Sort of almost looked like a bulldozer without wheels.  Such talent in such a small person!

Off to Bible study tonight and then the week starts all over again.  Oh and G was in our local paper on Thursday evening for using a new I-pod to take the AR quiz.  Not only did they put a big picture of her but they listed her name and her score on the test: 100%.  She said, "I am I made a 100 because if I made an 80 or something like that I would be embarrassed." 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume for 2012,  magician. 

Just so you know the mustache and beard were a point of deep contention for G.  I know the mustache and goatee make the costume and refused to allow her to not wear it.

She said, "What if people thinks it is real?"  Then she said, "What if someone asks me to do a magic trick?" 

I said, "Tell them it is just a costume for Halloween."  Then lo and behold a friend we ran into at the trunk r treat did just that and asked for a trick.  We both agreed that question fed right into G's insecurities and she would be responsible for the counseling sessions G would endure for years to come, heh. 

Anyway, the candy witch may not make an appearance this year as G is older and has shown herself to be very responsible with slowly eating the candy over a long period of time rather than stuffing herself silly with candy. Plus she always always asks me if she can have a piece before she just takes it. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

Last soccer game, hoorah! and it was bitterly cold. My ears are still hurting from the wind. Somehow we missed fall and went straight to winter. On the way to the game I showed G her report card that was in my purse from Thursday's parent teacher conference. G was looking at it and said, "There is a dirty word on here." I said, "Sex is not a dirty word"(because yes I knew that was the word she was looking at). I said, "it means gender." She said, "You mean I got an 'F' in sex?!?!?!" Seriously, life imitates joke. So I made pizza for lunch today and realized after getting the dough ready that we were out of sauce. Had to stop, go to the store and get sauce. Then when I started to open the can I saw the package of yeast that I apparently forgot to put in the dough. So I am very hopeful that the dough will taste alright without it. Today is laundry day and rest day. I had to put gas in the car for the week. Filled it up on $58. I cashed a $60 check and prayed that it wouldn't take it all. Thankfully, God answered and it cost $58. I gave the $2 to G for her report card to which she replied, "Grammie gave me $5." Did I mention it is cold? We slept with the space heaters on last night. I am hoping for a mild winter so I won't have to turn on the main house heater. G is running around in short sleeve shirt and flip flops. She put shorts on at first even though when she asked what she should change into I said jeans. My main question at this age is why ask me if you are going to argue with my answer? We had tears last night for what seemed like no reason. I mentioned it to the soccer coach because I thought last night it was due to illness but the soccer coach said it could be hormones. Oh please no! Not yet, we are just 8. Anyway, beyond laundry and gearing up for Halloween nothing much is going on. I am still managing to offend 2 co-workers just by breathing. One of the three was let go but 2 trouble makers are still there. The manager is learning to be a manager but not doing so well at it yet. She is trying and I do respect her. I just wish she would take the bull by the horns so to speak. Can't wait until November 7 when the announcement will be made that Romney won. I am praying it will be so. After this Benghazi fiasco if Obama wins another term there will be no hope left for America as the constitution defines it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wonders of Childhood: WWF

Well at least my childhood I suppose. G has just tonight discovered the joys of wrestling. Yes, she is watching wrestling or as we sometimes say in the south, wrastlin', and she is loving it. I remember going to a live match when the Fabulous Ones were the good guys and Tojo Yamamoto was a bad guy and that was the night I discovered it was all fake. Bill Dundee also wrestled that night. Seemed the wrestlers were always switching sides too. One week they were good and the next bad. Jerry the king Lawler wrestled around here. I met him MUCH later in life at a party. He seemed to never age. Makes the third generation watching and enjoying wrestling. My parents watched it too when they were young.

We Got Our Sign

Last Saturday after soccer, G and I headed out to get our Romney/Ryan signs. Looks nice doesn't it?

Supposedly G's school is going to "vote" as well I guess to learn about voting?  Anyway, G being in third grade brings memories of when I was in 2nd grade with Jimmy Carter in the WH.  I believe that was when my political persuasions began.  Had nothing at all to do with my parents beliefs as they were registered (souther) democrats with all of the meaning that brings to mind. 

Times have changed and I try to point out the hypocrisy in the Obama WH particularly the gruesome things like Benghazi. Oh I haven't told her in great detail but I have told her enough that she knows our Ambassador died and Obama lied.

I am raising her right, with all the meaning that brings to mind.

I Voted

Early voting this year was much shorter than early voting (for me) in 2008.  If everyone will turn out we will have a new president and true hope.  And it will be another historical moment for I don't believe we have ever had a Morman in the WH.

I am complete disagreement with Morman Theology.  I do however stand solidly with Mormans for the strength and importance of the family and of life.  Romney wasn't my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice but I believe he is the best choice for this time in American history.  If we ever expect to return to the freedoms we have so recently thrown away, Romney/Ryan is the COME BACK TEAM!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Review

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix is a mix of historical and modern fiction.  I enjoyed the majority of the story.  I truly got caught up in the history of the storyline.  I was tempted on several occasions to skip ahead and find out the end of the mystery but I held my ground and read through.

The story line is the remodelling of a castle in France (current time) that hides a mystery that had its beginning in Nazi occupied France.  The castle had been used by Nazis for a secret program.  The very first chapter takes place toward the end of WWII when the Nazis know they are being defeated.  Thus begins the mystery.

The modern portion weaving its way through the book is of the (current time) American contractor employed to oversee and reconstruct some of the historical elements of the castle.  As the castle is restored the characters grow and change as well and the mystery is fully exposed as the castle is finished.

What bothered me most, although it was easy to overcome to finish the book, was the relationship between the contractor and the nanny who works for the current owners of the castle.  It seemed that the author tried too hard to make a romance happen that was not necessary for the plot of the book. 

The historical mystery was enough romance and heartache that the need for a romance between the contractor and nanny I just felt wasn't necessary.  The historical part of the book read like someones true story or a true memoir.  The current time part of the book felt like fiction and I think that was because of the forced relationships of the characters in the current time story. 

I would recommend this book for a fast fun read.  I received this book for free in exchange for my review, opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Picture Day

This is G's outfit for picture day.  I was futzing with the tie and said, "G you have no neck."  I of course was meaning no long lithe neck but G has a short neck and she said, "You don't either." 
I of course know I have no neck and for that matter no forehead, but I dirgress.  I said, "I know.  Amazing how much we look alike, we could be twins except for that whole Chinese thing."  G just giggled.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Not Much Happening

There hasn't been a lot happening around here lately thus the lack of posts.  G is playing soccer, though today's games were cancelled due to a lot of rain last night.  Picture day is Tuesday for school and we shopped last Sunday for new pants and new Sunday outfits for fall.  Turned cold today so it really does feel like fall. 

I was ready for the 100 degree weather to go away so I guess I can deal with the draining sinuses for a bit.  Or at least keep us both heavily medicated.

G is currently (as in right this minute) trying to prove to Santa (yes she still believes) that legos would be a great Christmas present.  How is she trying to prove this, you ask?  Well, she is playing with them.  You see, she heard about this fantastic ($400) set of legos that a school friend is going to ask Santa for and I told her that she never plays with her legos (4 sets of them collected over the years), to which she responded, "I don't have time." 

I pointed out that Santa never brings things that you don't have time for so she is trying to show Santa that she does play with them, heh.

Last week I earned my yellow belt and my demo chevron (G did too but she is a blue belt so she has a bit to go before testing again).  It was a fun time but I have yet to be able to afford a gi.  Anyone know anyone wanting to get rid of a size 5 black taekwondo gi?  I would be a most grateful recipient.

Work has been interesting, my boss supported me in the only way she knew how on Thursday by telling me, "It must suck to be you with all of the billing department hating you."  Oh yes she did. 

I pointed out that two didn't hate me to which she agreed.  On Tuesday she asked me to do a project which ticked off half the billing office so Tuesday sucked big giant rocks and I couldn't figure out why the hostile feeling was so strong.

On Thursday I understood.  She said one of the 3 came to her ranting and raving about me not doing the charge entries because of this other project and who told me to do it anyway and we don't want to get behind blah blah blah.  My boss told me she let the girl rave on and then pointed out that she had assigned me the project to do herself.  So the animosity is very strong and it all boils down to an understanding I have of database systems and the need for me to understand something in order to do it.  The other 3 do it because someone said and the someone who said actually is the OM that was fired and was wrong 100%.

Anyway there may be some changes soon because a consultant has come, yes another consultant, who claims to be a very good reader of personalities and I was able to tell him of my hr benefits and payroll background plus he asked me to pull some reports for the doctors which I did.  I hope he sees that I can do much more and should be given the opportunity.  What they need is an HR person, not in a supervisory role, but to handle the payroll and the benefits plus help with credentialing etc. 

Anyway, hopefully I will be no longer in the billing department because in the manager's mind they all hate me.  Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  I have vowed to not complain but I will document stuff because truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  I am very glad I have a job and I have a job that supports the outside work activities though gas is a killer!  Other than paying my parents rent I at least can make all the other bills okay.  Things are much better but not great.  Maybe one day they will be great again.  We are both healthy and school is hard but okay for G. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

International Day of Peace

G noticed on the calendar that today was the International Day of Peace and recommended that we stay home.  I thought it was a great idea but we couldn't stay home.  I suppose right now in the middle east there are celebrations of the International Day of Tearing Our Enemies to Pieces

Fun times I tell you.  Tomorrow is another laundry day, because it never ever ends.  Also, Soccer, because-SOCCER, yea!  Not really looking forward to getting up early on another Saturday and am hoping it will be over soon. 

Work is going, and I am so glad Fridays and Saturdays were invinted.  Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

G's Struggles

We had another late into the night conversation with G under the covers asking questions and talking.  She hides her head when we talk about the China family and her thoughts, fears, anger etc.  It is very normal but she is really struggling. 

G is determined that God made a mistake in making her a girl.  This is not about gender identity. It is 100% her belief that she would not have left her first family had she been a boy.  She would have been wanted if she were born a boy.  G cannot move past this.  She has decided that her first family was at fault for letting her go.

Somewhere she got the idea that her first mom put her in a box on the side of the road and a strange man found her and took her to the police.  The second half is the only "truth" we have.  Her official paper work says she was found by anonymous man who refused to give his name and took her to the police who called the civil affairs director and doctor. 

I never told her it was her mom or that she was in a box.  She got that from fiction books that have been written for children who were adopted from China.  I explained to her that what was written on the adoption paperwork is the only "truth" we know.  I quote that because after reading other families who have found first families and seeing the corruption in the family planning offices particularly in her province I am not 100% convinced that what is on the official paperwork is correct. 

I let her have her feelings of hurt and anger while explaining that her first family may have not been able to hold onto her.  She asked me this morning if her first family could find her could she stay with them.  I told her that they could not take her back as their child to raise because the adoption is final; however, if we did manage to find them and had a good relationship with them and if she wanted to visit them we would do what we could to allow that.  I told her how I did wish we could find them and talk to them but honestly I haven't been able to afford to instigate a search.

G is really hurt that her parents didn't physically fight to keep her.  She just knows they could have if they had wanted to keep her.  In her struggles personally about this we have struggles as a family between us as well.  This really does affect her whole life. 

Please pray for my girl and for me to help her forgive and move past. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Sunshine Is Coming Out at Work

We had exclusive training today on the computer based system. The whole system was set up and we all were trained very poorly, me being the last one in even more poorly by the others there.

Intuitively I just knew the system is being used so less smart than it could be and I was right. The OM who was fired recently helped set the system up and trained everyone to do everything, well, wrong. Bad practice begets bad practices and we have lots of bad practices.

Fixing it though is definitely causing lots of blocks of cheese to be moved for the ones who have been there longer than I. You could tell by the questions and rolling of eyes that change is not in their vocabulary. I am so jazzed that there will be cross training and accountability and recommendation to link all the client accounts because to have two accounts is just stupid. Oh and we will have access to things we haven't before and real usernames and passwords and access!!

Incredibly stupid way to run a billing office currently but things haven't been changeable since OM left. And it really isn't anyone's fault except for the lack of challenging the system as it is. The consultant had to come in and show everybody as if new again which is oh so lovely. Seriously we have been set up to fail and now we may truly have a shot.

We even get to spend an hour with her to go over the system. I finally felt that I really can take responsibility for working claims that have been rejected without stepping on toes. I have been working on egg shells since before Labor Day and no more, I feel that this training will go far.

I may have to look into getting the coding certificate. Cost however is a very prohibitive thing.


Has become the National Day of Service where we honor and give back, so to speak, to the first responders in our area and across the nation. Also, to just reach out and be of service to someone in need in memory and in honor of those who helped others on that terrible day.

In memory of 9/11 and those who died in this tragedy, it is important to remember them but also to make something good come out of this to show we are better than those who did this.

Never Forget!

Photo I got using the Bing search tool on the internet.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Almost a Weekend Disaster

The weekend plan initially was to eat breakfast, go to soccer games, come home, eat lunch while also doing laundry, go get gas in car and do a little grocery shopping. As we all know the phrase, best laid plans of mice and men (probably didn't even quote it correctly). Don't know from where it comes and don't really care at this moment.

So the storms came through our little town last night knocking power out but drastically lowering the temp to much more appropriate fall-ish weather. Thankfully as far as I know there were no deaths as in Oklahoma or flooding like in Missouri. Soccer games were cancelled due to heavy muddy fields which, yea for me because I was not really looking forward to going today.

Then I started to make breakfast; G gets a hot breakfast every morning, either grits and hash browns (which I now know what is meant by "slinging hash browns"), fried egg and waffle or something else but can't remember right now. And I, every morning, make a French press pot of coffee. Well, none of the burners would heat up on the stove, which meant no breakfast for G and also no coffee for me, ugh.

So I called my mom and we headed out there for breakfast. I of course was thinking that the whole thing was about the stove breaking so I brought the manual for the stove out with me to give to Dad. Turns out, the power for 220v and up was messed up from the storm, but lights etc would work.

Dad fixed G and me breakfast, and we visited with my aunt visiting from FL a bit. Then Dad started getting his flashlight etc to come fix the stove which meant G and I had to go home so I could clean up the stuff on the stove and the area around it.

I failed to communicate to G that the plan was not to stay at grammie's all day but to actually leave when Dad did so we could be there while he fixed the stove. She got very upset because she wanted to stay at my mom's. She was dragging her feet about leaving which stressed me out too. Then she promptly fell apart in the car.

By the time we got home however, the power was back off at the house and the power trucks were working on the problem. So I just sent G back with dad, and I will finish the laundry and get gas/groceries by myself. In G's perfect world all of her people would be together all the time. The minute she leaves one she already misses them.

I believe there may be time for a little nap since I was waking up most of the night wondering when the power would come back on. It was out from 9:30ish to 6am and then not fully. I worried about the freezer and fridge stuffs so I am quite tired really.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I Am Ready For Friday

I come home exhausted everyday. I am so ready for the weekend. We start soccer games Saturday. I have loads and loads of laundry that seem to just repopulate every time I turn my back. I hate redundant chores and that is so redundant!

G is struggling in school. 3rd grade is hard. She won't listen to me either. She really needs to talk to her teacher. She made a B on a math test that the teacher took with the kids on the smart board. The teacher went over the test twice. That is like an open book test but better. G made a B on it. Really?!?!?!?

She said the teacher went too fast. the teacher wrote me a note on the back of the test and said the test was taken by her on the smart board so the kids could take the test with her. I wrote back in the agenda of my death book that G does not feel comfortable to raise her hand to ask her to slow down. The teacher responded that I needed to speak to G about it.

Then she made some mistakes that she knew better. She said she just didn't pay attention. I warned her that missing questions that were truly hard was very different than missing questions for not paying attention. I told her that the ones she knew but missed anyway will always make her grade lower when she also misses the ones she doesn't quite understand. Her answer, "so."

I warned her that even home school (she wants to do next year via internet) she would still need to pay attention and get the ones right she knows how to do and then if she misses the ones that she doesn't it will be okay, just something to work on. G goes way too fast on homework and tests.

She is too reserved to ask over and over again as well especially if her teacher has ever (even in G's mind) scolded her for asking. Maybe I need to meet with the teacher. There really isn't enough room to write in the agenda of my death book. Have I mentioned how much I loathe this book?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Today Was a Much Better Day

I am still very guarded but there were no overt comments, threats or what not, but I feel like given time the other shoe will drop. Things are changing out of necessity. I still have not felt compelled to work late. Seems I can just get it done. Maybe my hostpitals are easy so I must be doing something wrong still. hmmmm....

G had an okay day at school. Took an AR test but didn't get 100 just 80. We read it twice (she once and me to her once) but for some reason, even last year, this particular series of books are very hard for her. I hope she doesn't get stalled on chapter books. Yes it is still a good grade but I know she tries so hard.

Only 3 more days to the weekend and G's first soccer game of the season. Hope it cools down soon because soccer will be way too hot to enjoy, I mean for those kids to run around for, heh.
They have really pretty colors this time, black and red. So excited to see them play. The socks don't feel as thick either which is really good.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy National Empty Chair Day

This is a MUCH better holiday than labor day:

Labor Day Birthdays

G and I are in a heated game of uno on the Kindle Fire. She is so very competative and sometimes cheats. For my birthday (aged 42) G let me sleep until 9:26am (which is when my back started hurting and my dreams started being really weird) and I awoke on my own.

Then I opened two birthday cards from my mother and sister. Very kind of them to include gas money for the next 2 weeks, and I am being very serious.

Then I called my mom to see if she wished to ride over to the big city to find G some seaweed snack. We found some, much to G's delight!! Then we headed to a coffee shop that used to give free coffee's for birthdays but it was closed on Labor Day.

We tried to go to a karate import place that was closed and an army supply that was closed and drove by pier's won (deliberately misspelled) who though open with clearance but the parking lot had 4 cars only. Most restaurants were closed or extremely not busy at lunch time. The thing that struck me most and of course we weren't near a mall but it seems to me when I was younger there were ginormous sales on Labor Day, a big shopping day if I remember correctly. I suppose with all the hope and change going on, no one can afford to spend money and small shops can't afford to be open on a federal holiday!

It was nice to hang out with my daughter and mom. G has her tickle box turned over for this Uno game. She may be the uno champion in her class, I am the uno champion of the HOUSE, heh.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Job Update

The college where I had interviewed chose another person and said, "They (the director) said they would be too hard on you." I don't really know what that means but I have my suspicions.

Next at the dr office the co-worker that yelled at me on Thursday where I was physically afraid and called me a crazy liar, also is (by her own confession) the reason I am PRN. She told the OM not to hire me full time. Then the co-worker started hoarding work, literally hoarding it not allowing me to do it. The doctor had to get involved. The billing manager called it a cat fight which ticked me off to no end. This co-worker has been sabotaging everything I have been doing or trying to do. She feels threatened which is stupid because there is 80 hours worth of work to do if it is to be done well per week.

To say I am pissed would be a grave understatement. The billing manager has my back but to what extent can the doctor see it, I don't know. I told the doctor that I felt threatened and told him what she screamed at me and she said, "She's lying. I did not." I told several people right after it happened but no one heard her.

She is still mad over a mis-perceived offense she blames on me. It truly is incredible. She has admitted to the billing manager that she will not get along with me. Anyway, I have no idea if I will be able to continue to work there or no.

Headed to the grocery store...

G Coversations

This week, I haven't been feeling well and G helpfully suggested that maybe I had "diary."

G explaining her Uno champhionship in her class her teacher kept telling her she was "bad," or a "bad uno player." G said, "Mama, I think she meant good and I had to stop and think everytime she said it what she meant."

There is a slight cultural difference between G and her teacher.

I was telling G about a man who won the world record for having a voice so low that only elephants could hear it. Her response was, "Well, I can hear it."

When retelling the story to my mom, G piped in, "Well I am not a normal person, I am a China person."

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Has Turned Out to Be a Great Weekend

The original plans for the day included a karate rank test for me early at like 9am, 5:30 karate demonstration for a back to school bash, and lots of time with G. So last night I was told that the 9am rank test was cancelled much to my greatfulness because Friday morning I woke up cursing the inability to get to sleep in on Saturday. Then due to rain storms, the demonstration was nixed. As soon as the demonstration was cancelled, like a smile from God, a friend of G's invited her over to play! YIPPEE! Seriously, I have a good 3 hours now by myself.

I said to G, "This is turning out to be a great weekend." And she said, "It is for me too!"
OOPS, I did not mean to say that outloud. She said I could finally take a nap. I knew G would be glad to play with this little girl because they were friends last year but the child moved an hour away this year. This child is back visiting her grandmother's house for the weekend while her baby brother visits his grandmother's house. Yes, there is a bit of adult drama/confusion happening in the family.

It is for the best though that this family move to the new city, better schools and job opportunities there. Then the grandmother told me somethings that happened to this child in the same school district in which G was bullied. To this child the comments and actions were se*xual in nature towards her from little boys while they were all in the 1st grade. I have got to get G out of this school district before jr. high for sure.

These pictures were taken earlier today, G on the couch with the cat and G wrapping her leg with a ribbon to look like she hurt it. She told me this week that she wishes she could have crutches like a little boy in her class. I remember being her age and wishing I could have a cast or braces or crutches. Of course when I did get stitches it was when I was WAY older and not a pleasant experience.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking a Little Unsure

First day of school is always so complicated. Here she is getting ready to walk through the door.
G was not sure she wished to sit in this desk. I preferred to always sit close to the front so I encouraged her to do so so she can see over the heads of the other kids and so she wouldn't get forgotten in her oh so quiet ways. Yes she is forgotten in classes because of her being so quiet.
And now that I am at work I can say for certain that the doctors did fire the OM. But now the work has taken a halt and I haven't a thing to do.
The interview wasn't set up like I sort of expected but it happened anyway. I should know yes or no in two weeks.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Night Before 3rd Grade

G has poison oak I think. She has some what looked liked mosquito bites in some very strange locations but now she has spots/bumps, not necessarily rashes, all on her thighs, inside and out, as well as on her torso and her back. She is not scratching them but they aren't going away either. The strange locations are causing an itchy discomfort which is requiring intervention prior to use of the to*ilet. We will she how she makes it tomorrow. She also has molluscom again but the bumps are very different and spread faster.

All this happening the weekend before the first day of 3rd grade. Just lovely, don't you think. Anyway a lady at church gave us a whole kit of stuff to try to dry up the bumps including gauze to cover it for bedtime.

My mom thought maybe it was fifths disease but after consulting doc google I decided it isn't (1st she hasn't had a fever and no rash on the face). It may not be poison oak either but that is how I am going to treat it because it acts like it in the spreading but not in the constant itching. Seriously, I haven't had to put anything on her except at night before bedtime. She might get sent home tomorrow because of this but I am sending her to school anyway.

So before school starts and the new work week, we have gotten the laundry done, the yard mowed and her backpack ready. WHOOT! G's lunch box we ordered hasn't arrived but she decided she would take the brown/pink one until it does. Now we only have to get back into the habit of going to bed and SLEEP earlier so we can get up earlier in the morning.

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of her first day of school!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Horrors of Horrors

RIP my Mr. Coffee Cappuccino machine, 3rd one in 6 years. Can't believe it. That is the one treat I make myself so I am not tempted to buy one. Now whaddamigonnado?

I have a French press but that is just not the same as the first coffee being my homemade cappuccino in the morning.

Just when things seem to be going well, WHAMMO! struck down by ailing machines, heh.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Interview

I have an interview at 8am Monday morning. Hopefully it will turn into something because it is MUCH closer to home and not PRN.

Today at work, the Administrator (from now on referred to as the OM office manager) told me to not leave a paper trail by only submitting the daily work on post it notes unlike e-mail which I had done at the request of both my supervisor and manager. Then the OM told my manager behind my back, "She (referring to me) will not change the rules here."

See I have a piece of paper that says I am smart and can learn stuff and think important thoughts. Truly, my piece of paper only states that idea with the degree: MS. I am not denigrating higher ed degrees per se but I chose not to work in the field where my degree would be most effective. I chose to go elsewhere with it which in this particular economy happens to be hurting me. Some people are intimidated by that piece of paper and truly shouldn't be.

So some people feel that I might be able to see problems and try to fix them on my own. The first part actually happens to be true, I can see things fairly quickly but the last part is not. I do not try to fix them on my own. I sometimes in the past have made recommendations but coming into this job I knew better than to do anything like that because I was forewarned. This OM I believe is a bit intimidated by that piece of paper.

Seems also, the lady is a wee bit out of control, doesn't have a handle on much in the office and is afraid that someone might come in and see that, so she is trying to control everything about the office down to the post it notes which she loses sometimes and has in the past accused my supervisor of not turning in, thus the e-mail or rather paper-trail.

Also, the project OM gave me to do on Monday that I turned in that afternoon, she gave to my supervisor to audit "discreetly" then asked me today where the final version was and was it ready for presentation, also that supervisor was auditing it. I e-mailed and said that as far as I knew I submitted the final and that I didn't know supervisor was auditing it, nor did I know it was for a presentation.

She then e-mails supervisor who tells her the errors she and I discussed were corrected, except they weren't because we didn't discuss any errors because there weren't any. Then OM e-mails the project to my manager, who by the way wasn't even told I was given a project, and told to get the errors I had made corrected because the supervisor said there were many errors. HUNH??

And the best part is that the OM didn't include me in on any of these other e-mails. I discovered what was happening when my manager included me on a reply to the OM saying, "Is this the list you mean?" So I went to her and asked to what she was referring and saw the e-mail to her from the OM mentioning all those errors, that aren't there.

Seems my supervisor had enough and left early today very upset at the whole office. I can see why. I am quite frustrated too. OM also sent an office wide "competency quiz"this morning which I didn't see until almost the end of the day because I wasn't officially trained on the software other than my specific duty and which apparently no one answered. I am learning things on my own but a little cheat sheet would be nice on things like intersoftware email ability.

I replied that I had not been officially trained on anything other than the actual grind work I am doing. Any thinking or investigating or otherwise trying to help, I have been very discouraged from attempting. Problem is no one, and I mean no one, wants to help fix a problem because, "that is not my job" or "it is only $50" or "just give it to your manager that is all OM would do" or they are like me and way to new to the job to know how to fix it.

My supervisor and I are finding lots of errors she is making. Let's just say I discovered a way to balance my work without including hers and that concept totally went over her head, but this way I don't have to see her errors anymore if we happen to share work.

I have discovered something she did not know about the information in the report we use to balance our work, which means she has rarely, and possibly never, balanced her work or if she did it was still probably negatively affected by this information. She insisted something coded a certain way was never in the report only for me to discover that it actually is in the report and causes the numbers to be off if they aren't included in our work. Although the numbers might match or be close there still could be a big problem offset by this information.

She however is very fast, though incorrect, which in the short term might look good, but in the long term there is quite a bit for someone to fix. And she thinks she is balanced even if she is off by a visit or two. No biggie unless it is $500 or more off, unlike me who gets a stomach ache and can't sleep if it isn't balanced perfectly to the penny.

What I hope is that I get this other job, that the OM leaves and my supervisor gets to stay and retire from this company like she said. That would be the best of both worlds. I do like my supervisor and appreciate and understand her value to the company. I wish things would not be so stressful there.

Tomorrow is Friday, I have to bring my lunch. Good thing the noodles were $.89 at the grocer's, I am set for 10 weeks if I remain.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Okay, So Day 5

Everything seems to be going well. This morning at 2:25 a.m. I woke up cramping severely. I took the Midol complete with the fatigue part which means caffeine and no sleep. So finally at 5 am I just got up and got ready for the day. I am exhausted too. Thankfully G spent the night at the grandparents.

Last night was the meet the teacher night. I think we are going to like her. I am so not happy about having to buy an agenda book for $8. Really, a required by all children at the public school book having to be bought?!?!?! This is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS. I feel badly about letting the office worker know how unhappy I was about having to buy something that a public school required but, there it is.

Anywho, lunches so far have been very good. I haven't had to worry about bringing a lunch.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 4 and On My Lunch Break

Today I completed the new hire paperwork. Some web sites I still haven't access too. Working on a project that is supposed to tell the boss that I am capable of doing work. Still think she is a whako but will deal with it well enough.

Tonight is meet the teacher night. I almost forgot all about it and sent G to spend the night with the grandparents to be brought home tomorrow night. Since she will be with me on the meet the teacher night she won't have to spend the night with them. So my dad will pick her up in the morn again and I will have to get up earlier than planned to get her ready which I don't mind. I am not ready for her to have to get up so early until school starts. Goal is to let her sleep until 7 and then until 6:45 when school starts for breakfast.

Other than that things seem to be going okay and I am very glad to have a job. It isn't difficult by any means. Learning the system and how the reports work will take a minute particularly since I haven't been on it yet.

Okay, so that is all the update with 6 minutes to spare left to lunch.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Okay, Day One

The place is as whacky as I feared. Then it dawned on me, the offer e-mail had PRN on it not permanent employee. So I am a temp but without the temp benefits I had achieved from the temp place where I worked the majority of hours. And no one else knew but the administrator who isn't even there. HMMM...

And lunch, although it is free is a c*ap shoot. So I may bring lunches I can store in the fridge. I have already seen the job will be easy, not meaning I will be perfect but I will be able to do the job easily, that is if I make it past the admin/office manager's return on Monday, heh.

I am still not sure that I will be paid for these two days despite what the billing manager (immediate boss) says.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Singin' In the Rain

No it isn't raining here but G and I watched that very classic movie today. I love it, G not so much.

The billing manager texted me and said the office manager would be out of the office the rest of the week, did I want to come in and start training. So I called her and said, "(Office manager) hasn't called me. Is the official new hire paperwork ready? Will I be paid for the days?" She assured me I will be and that I have to go for a drug screen first thing. I told her I would go tonight because other than a benadryl and lots of coffee I have nothing in my system.

So the office manager won't be back until next week. Can you believe the lack of professionalism? And the reason she sent me back home on Monday, the not having the end of the month closed, is still not complete. I am just going in to take notes from the girl with whom I will be working.

So I guess I will swallow my pride and show up tomorrow despite my now distrust of the office manager. Hopefully, it will go smoothly. And the best news of the whole thing is lunch is always provided, daily. WOOHOO! Not having to provide lunch will save me quite a bit.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Book Review: Called to Controversy

The story of Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus, conversion to Christianity from Judaism. This account is written by his daughter Ruth Rosen.

I really enjoyed reading about his family upbringing and tales from his life growing up. One summer he joined the National Guard without telling his parents and was almost deployed until his father found out letting the base know Moishe was underage and should never have been allowed to sign up.

The telling of his bar mitzvah was rather sad since there was no big party for him due to the lack of money in his family. His father was highly disappointed in his conversion even going so far as to deny him, declaring him dead to the family. Moishe gives his father credit though for doing what he feels he is supposed to do according to the Jewish religion.

His wife, Ceil, also came from a painful experience in her childhood of losing her birth father and being split from her twin brother due to an adoption. The adoptive family basically tricked the father into signing his rights away after her mother passed. There was a re-uniting much later but also another loss in Ceil's life once she converted to Christianity. Ceil and Moishe seemed to have been created to be together and once they started dating they just accepted that marriage was the future. It is a very sweet story of love and commitment.

Re-counting the founding of Jews for Jesus and the struggles, stereotyping, and lack of understanding Moishe saw in the evangelical Christian church gives a strong lesson to missions minded Christians regarding the importance of understanding the culture being reached.

This book was provided to me in exchange for my opinion. This is 100% my own opinion.

Soccer Shoes, no pics

I suggested that G call grammie to see if she would take her to get soccer shoes and shin guards. The last set of shin guards and shoes she out grew so I gave them to Goodwill. G was so excited and jumped up and down saying, "I love shopping for me." We found a rather inexpensive pair but they go up every year. Very simple pair too and the shin guards were on clearance, yippee!

G is not in love with them and claims they are too tight although they are one size bigger than her actual foot size so I don't know. She only has to wear them for practice and games and neither of those things have started yet.

The office manager still has not called. Unemployment certification is still being held up. I am not receiving anything from the state, yet. I have had several counties far outside of my area invite me for interviews (at my expense) but since these are entry level positions there won't be any moving expenses included.

I have roofers on the house banging and jumping and making all sorts of noise causing stuff to fall from the ceiling. I am thinking some of that is totally unnecessary. I hope they are finished soon.

G went home with grandad only because he said he will come back later to pay the roofers. I tried to get G to spend the night out there and come home Wed. night but she wouldn't. I don't know what has gotten into her with no wanting to spend the night at my parents lately. It isn't like we are having loads of fun here. We are pretty much stuck at home, no biggie, doing normal things but she claims boardom.

When I suggest she spend the night out there with the pool, the Wii, the puzzles, the I-pad, and fast computer connection, she poo poos the idea to stay home. The problem is my parent live 15 mins north of me so it is quite expensive to make several trips there or they here a day, particularly when gas is 3.40+ a gallon. Spending the night just spreads the trips out over several days.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something pop up interview wise for this area not so far out or the Monday job will actually call.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Enough of the Debbie Downer, On To G Conversations

So the other morning before the wake up time (for summer anyway), G, who still sleeps with me, woke me up to announce she had to go potty. So I told her to go already since she doesn't have to ask my permission. She got out of the bed and turned the light on in the bathroom but it didn't come on.

I heard her say, "Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh" as she ran back and jumped on the bed scared out of her wits.

I said, "What are you doing?"

She said, "Something is wrong, the light won't come on, the satellite is out."

I said, "Well turn on the light over the sink, and lights don't work on satellite. The bulb blew that is all."

Then the other night I was getting ready for bed as G was already in the bed playing scrabble on the kindle. I came out and she told me she won that game I had started. I congratulated her and she said (very slyly), "Mama, I used a bad word."

I said, "You did?"

She said, "Yes, the 's' word."

I said, "What 's' word? 'shut up' or 'stupid'." Of course, I was thinking of one other 4 letter version.

She said, "s-e-x"

I said, "Sex? That isn't a bad word. That is a beautiful word when it is between a husband and wife. God created it for moms and dads to enjoy and have babies. Who told you that was a dirty word?"

She said, "cousin" Oh, okay then, carry on.

You Will NOT Believe This

So I go to work and the office manager who offered me the job in a 4 line cryptic e-mail said, "There must have been a misunderstanding. I am not ready for you. We are doing month end stuff and I don't have time for you." In the lobby of the doctor office with patients and all. She said she had seen my e-mail but didn't read it therefore she didn't bother to call me.

I had sent an e-mail back requesting permission to show up on Monday and I also e-mailed the billing manager about it. The billing manager is who I would be working directly under. The office manager is over the billing manager. I would assume the billing manager would be told about a new hire offer. So the billing manager said, "see you Monday." I wrongly apparently assumed that the office manager had told her that I was coming and they were in agreement.

So the office manager sent me home with promises to call sometime today. To say I am NOT happy is an understatement. I looked like a fool and felt like one. I have no start date.

I am a big puddle of tears because of course my whole church practically knew I was starting today but alas I didn't. One of the retired nurses brought me a stack of scrubs and lab coats to keep so I could start. I doubt based on this office manager's abilities that I will start this week. It wouldn't surprise me.

So today I will be going swimming with G again (we went last night), then to karate to work my frustration out.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Productive Saturday

Finished mowing the yard. It was hot but not as hot as this morning would have been.

This is a picture of G and our cat (last animal), Simon. I believe I was not in the room and found them this way when I came in Thursday. They were both so quiet that I wasn't sure what they were up too, you know? Quiet children can sometimes not be a good thing. Anyway, they were just comfortably lying on the couch. Simon's head is only up because I came in; initially he had his head twisted upside down asleep. She wasn't asleep at all, just enjoying the quiet and the cat.

Simon is a very very cool cat though he too is old. He had a rough life before joining us and then had to endure the indignity of being the dog's play thing. He was a very good sport about it though. He has thoroughly gotten used to being kicked out of the bedroom. He is no longer welcome and we both are sleeping better for it. He has a box with a pillow in the corner of the kitchen where he can be found most evenings.

After Simon passes, we will be pet less for a year, preferably several years. I don't know how old Simon is though so it will be difficult to gage the beginning of the blissful end of pet ownership. Can you tell I am looking forward to it?

Off to get ready for bed.

Yes, I Have a Job

I received confirmation that I do start on Monday. So I will borrow a lab coat until I can afford my own. Today, is a day of laundry. I have to figure out lunch for Monday. G will go to the grandparents until school starts. Hopefully the hours will remain 8:30am to 5pm with a 30 min lunch.

So I haven't gotten the unemployment for time I have been off. I don't know that I will. I will have to have help paying for gas to go to work or getting a job is useless.

Anyway, G goes to school on 8/20, 3rd grade. I think we will both be glad to be in a routine. Getting a job really does take knowing someone. The temp agency had called for me to be on standby for a call center for 3 weeks paying $9/hr (paid only if I was called) but wouldn't send my resume to other call center job openings because I am "above that level" their words, no joke. Maybe there is another reason but they aren't telling me what it is.

In celebration, G and I rented Nanny McPhee Returns from am*azon. It is pretty cute for what it is and espouses. We have had to talk about having faith for faith's sake rather than having faith in someone or something. So off to finish the movie.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Okay, So I Think I Have a Job

At 11:28 am I received an e-mail (but didn't check it until 9pm) offering me the position for the job I interviewed at on Monday. So I e-mailed back tonight and said I would be there Monday morning unless she wished me to come on Tuesday. So we will see.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


G's seaweed snack that used to be only $1.49 per 96 pieces has jumped $4.50 to $5.99 for the same amount at the Chinese Market. UNBELIEVABLE. I am flabbergasted at this price. Makes me ill. I really can't afford to buy it now.

I hate that for her too because she really does like it and it seems to be the only throw back to her days in China.

The other day I showed G a picture of a beach in China that was built or used for the 2008 olympics. The beach was crowded. She looked at it and said, "They all have black hair." This coming from my black haired Chinese daughter, heh.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Storms

We are in the middle of a gloriously loud summertime thunderstorm. G gathered all of her lovies incase we "got struck by lightning and had to leave quckly." Sad to say, some just struck a wee bit too close. Praying for safety during the storm and peaceful rest tonight.

So This Being Unemployed Is Disconcerting

I can't seem to keep up with the days of the week or the dates. Yesterday was our Gotcha Day and today is the day it was made final/official. And it has been 7 very interesting years of ups, downs, frustrations and thrills. Here is a recap of that time in 2005 with commentary two years after the trip.

We did nothing fun or specific for the day with no plans to do anything today. I gave G three Geronimo Stilton books (cheap from Amazon) and the movie Gnomeo and Juliet (also cheap from Amazon) that we already watched. By the way I still personally liked Despicable Me better. Maybe the whole Shakespeare thing has been done to death.

So it has been miserably hot. One of our Karate teachers invited us to use his pool but to let him know when we are coming so he can put the dogs up. Issues with swimming are use of the bathroom (like where is it located?) and planning in enough advance to let him get the dogs put up. I hate planning that far in advance so maybe we will go Sunday afternoon from 4-6.

I did get the yard mowed and finished yesterday. I started it Tuesday but ran out of gas and then it wouldn't start. Yesterday I cleaned the filter and unhooked/rehooked the spark plug which made it start with no problems. Now though I have a headache which could be sinus or a tooth beginning to abcess I pray not.

G is currently watching PBS wanting a new project to start. We attempted to decoupage a table top with some school/sport pictures of her and art work from school. Learned a couple things: construction paper doesn't decoupage well and markers will run and ruin the very art work you want to display. Oh and notebook paper notes don't do well either. I am a little disappointed. G however is fine with it and is ready to do the next project. And for that we had to go buy glue because who'd a thunk we had no school glue at this house?! I was incredulous that after 3 years of school we had no left over glue. Crayons? yeah we got those and pah-lenty of them! And no they aren't pretty enough to do a project with. I ruined a cupcake pan once with a melty crayon project that didn't turn out well either.

I am reading to G two books right now, The Hobbit and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She has read the second one already but I am reading it to her at night before bed. The Hobbit is an afternoon read and we just finished the 1st chapter yesterday. There are many G interruptions asking questions some valid some not so much. But the movie is coming in December and I really want to see it. Maybe or maybe not with G depending on the scare factor.

So Happy Family Day, G!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay So No Long Term Assignment

Despite what the owner of the survey company mentioned last time I worked there, he has no projects so tomorrow is the last day for me. Actually I won't go back at all because the girl who I was partnered with who has been there each time I have got a job offer today and she starts Monday so I won't work there if she isn't there. We work too well together with very very few mistakes.

Also the total hours were supposed to be 22 for the three days but he has shortened it to 19. Yea! Me.

I will start calling on Monday to stop all auto withdrawals from the bank and explain that I have no money. And the rear view mirror fell off the window today because it was so hot. Ominous, I know.

G is going to attempt to spend the night at her friend's house tonight. The grandmother has already let me know that she will tell me if G can't or wishes to come home. I hope she makes it because otherwise she will be an overly exhausted bear.

We watched Despicable Me and honestly, most of the cartoon was lost on G. I loved it, particularly the panda rug and gator couch and rhino chair, heh.

She did ask me though, "What if you returned me?" at the scene where he puts the girls back in the car to return them. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned how much I dislike the "what if" questions G throws at me. Mostly, I don't because they are questions that will never nor could they ever happen and she holds on to them like a rapid dog. So I pointed out how I wouldn't and couldn't ever return her and that the movie just needed a story line. And as only G can do she continued to ask the question in a myriad of different ways until I grew frustrated and pulled my hair out told her to stop asking. Seriously, rapid dog.

Anyway, both now the grand mom of friend and the mom of friend say G wishes to stay with them so we shall see. I am praying she makes it.