Monday, January 30, 2012

G and Basketball

G had a bball game this weekend at my parents church. We are excited that she is on a team that is not the worst but only the third worst out of a total of 4 teams. The all girls teams are 2nd through 6th graders because there weren't enough 6th graders to make a team. I understand that but it seems G's team has the most 2nd and 3rd graders with the other teams 5th and 6th grade heavy. Each sports team G has been on has been almost the worst in the league so it is becoming a family joke. My mom told me that losing builds character. I am ready to give G a break in the character building department for at least one season. Sadly G didn't score this game but she played some awesome defense. The referees can't catch everything and missed G getting knocked down by the bigger girl guarding G but they caught the small foul G committed. G has a big bruise on her knee. But the girls did win and are now 1 and 2 until this Sat when they will drop to 1 and 3.

I am glad this is a learning league but G is pretty good at knowing how to lose gracefully. I am ready for her to learn some graceful winning, heh. I was very proud of her though defending so well.

After the game we headed to what I thought was a big Rembrandt exhibit. It ended up being 1 Rembrandt and 1 Rubens with 70 other paintings from 1300s to 1800s. I saw some paintings I had originally seen in Europe which was fun. The museum I feel displayed some of the religious pieces with a distinct anti-religious bias. That was fun to navigate with G. There were also some interesting photos held up as worthy art but objectively speaking only 2 were beautiful. The rest were just weird. And yes art should be viewed both objectively and then subjectively. That is for another post all together however. Too much to do on the fire.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Seaweed and Other Conversations

This morning after breakfast, as all mornings, G asked for her seaweed snack. The seaweed we currently have left is actually wasabi flavor, so you know it is hot.

G said,"Mama, do you want me to teach you how to eat this seaweed so it doesn't burn?"

I declined. Of course that didn't deter her. She proceeded to explain that she doesn't swallow her spit. I know, you were eager to hear that answer.

So after I had left the kitchen to get dressed, G just didn't seem to be coming along in a timely fashion. I headed out of the room to find her, running into her in the hall. I asked her what took her so long to which she replied, "I taught the left side of my mouth how to eat seaweed."

All rightly then; now, apparently, G's whole mouth knows how to eat wasabi seaweed.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

time for a book review:

William Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God An English Voice by David Teems
Great book that tells the story of 1 Bible translator in the time of our history when control of the people by the official church resembled current day I*slam. The medieval church's control of governments helped create and enforce laws preventing the Bible from being read, studied or interpreted into the language of the common man or from the Vulgate. Doing so resulted in death by fire. This was the fate of William Tyndale.

After leaving the country of his birth during the reign of Henry the 8th, never to return, Tyndale spent his life on the run. David Teems does an excellent job of allowing us to peep over the shoulder of the translator as he works. Teems brings into the story how diiferent players in the court aided the reformation and supported the translators. Anne Bolyen was one such supporter who gave to Henry a copy of one of Tyndale's (now an outlaw) books.

I am constantly reminded through history and current examples how religion has never been man's answer. Religion will always be used by humans to enslave other humans. No, the answer is a relationship with the Creator God, through JESUS' death on a cross, guided by the Holy Spirit. Tyndale's goal was to give English speakers the ability to know his God just as close as he himself knew Him.

I received a free copy of this book. Opinions are 100% mine and I have never been one not to share.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weird Response to Wikipedia

Okay, so not really but to some information on there. A bit of background, G has a book and now a movie on Gladys Aylward. Gladys was a British missionary to China at the time of the Japanese invasion. She was also the paid foot inspector of the country side in her area at the time when foot binding was outlawed. Cultural or not, barbaric actions taken against women, really toddlers at the time. So obviously we have had some intense conversations around foot binding. G constantly says how glad she is to not have had her feet bound and how happy she is that she isn't still in China just in case they tried. So last night I had the brilliant idea to show her what it was all about. At some point there was a video of an elderly woman whose wealthy family continued the tradition and bound her feet as a child after the ban. I didn't succeed in finding that video but I did find the wikipedia site.

I showed G the old photos and then I started reading about the procedure and how they did it. Then I started feeling woozy and extremely ill. Never mind that this was historical information only and I wasn't actually witnessing or participating in it. I almost fainted from reading it only. G was a bit confused and concerned but wanted to know if I had any nightmares about it. I didn't but the ill feeling took a bit to fully subside. So just a warning, wikipedia can cause illness, or at least the info found there can.

Like slavery in America's history (and that which is still going on) foot binding is a blot on China's history and mis-treatment of women. Humans sure can find the most barbaric ways of injuring each other and justifying it.

Oh and have I mentioned lately that I really do love my fire? I do my blogging here and can upload photos too.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

G created an egg carton dragon in honor of Chinese New Year. One of many projects she completed yesterday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

That Might Hurt

G asked if she had to go to China camp this year then told me she would be in the hospital having her legs replaced during that week and would not be able to go. I told her that exchanging legs might hurt to which G replied, "I will have medicine to make me sleep". To which I replied that recovery would still hurt and China camp is not as expensive as surgery.

The whole conversation took place at breakfast and China camp hasn't been brought up recently. I, always being the understanding empathetic mom, told her that no matter what she would be going to China camp this year as well.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Very Unexpected Surprises

Last night in the mail I receiced a free *bucks drink card and something from the home owners insurance on the house I ended up selling on short sale. Initially I was going to throw it away without opening it but I was too curious to do that. So glad I opened it, I can now get new tires on my car because it was a refund check of no small amount. This is coming in very handy because my bank balance is looking a wee bit frightening and gas is going up due to some strange happenings in Nigeria and with the OPEC nations. Wish that Keystone Pipeline from Canada was complete!!!

Anywho, I know Whom I believe and He is able to keep that which I have entrusted to Him against that day!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

27 million people. Go to to find out what this means. IHTA. Justice for the enslaved.

If the U.S. Was a Family

This would be the actual budget in understandable comparable terms. Interesting how 8 zeros can make something do simple more difficult for the average person to comprehend. There is a ginormous difference in 1 million and 1 billion. Since they are both such HUGE numbers average folks don't always comprehend it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sistine Chapel

This is most awesome. Check it out. My first trip to Europe took me to Rome and I was able to visit the Sistine Chapel. I literally stood with my mouth open in utter amazement. And it was so crowded. I can't wait to show G later. I showed her pictures out of the museum book I purchased there. One day I hope G goes to all the places I have been and more. I am trying to instill a travel bug in her. I hope she catches it for I believe the travel bug is truly caught not taught.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Love This Explanation

Everyone must see this video by Bill Whittle. Things haven't changed!! It is good and right to be Republican.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Correction to the "miro" in last post. Should have said "mifi," stupid auto correct.

new fav hotspot

Great big home improvement store parking lot. So I managed to snag a deal on a miro with pay as you go monthly service. I can go to the hispl, as noted in first sentence, during my lunch hour however. If necessary, I can go walk around in there as well.

2012 is not shaping up to be the year I was hoping. Could be because of this massive head cold I have or because my lady month started 5 days too early or that I don't know what will happen with job at the end of March. I began the year with high hope and anticipation but this week is just leaving me with high anxiety. I am sure it will get better soon.

G has been making strides with sleeping in her own bed these last two nights at home. She started back to school yesterday just in time for the weekend. She started basketball practice last night on an all girls 2nd-6th grade team. I am not yet sure how I feel about that yet. I will withhold judgment until after the first game next week (or possibly will withhold indefinitely) .

I am a wee bit tired of non-santa-believing kids telling my kid about Santa. I myself believe in Santa who was an historical religious figure that is now legend and can live on in an idea. I understand ones family's right to not practice the Santa myth but leave my kid alone about it. When G asks if he is real I tell her about St. Nicholas who was a follower of Jesus and helped people out of his own riches giving gifts like the wisemen gave Jesus gifts and that is why we give gifts to each other. Do you like how I get all wordy in my explaination? Helps G to forget what she asked without giving away the secret. Once she asked how would she contact Santa when she had children? I told her she would get the info passed down from me as I got it passed from my own mom.

G and I celebrated her first participation in communion on Christmas eve which in our little family was a big deal. In our denomination she has always been allowed to though I chose to make her wait. She and I as a family made it her first communion which was special to me probably more than to her. I felt age-wise and holiday wise it was a good time.

Let me think, is there anything else I could say about anything? Probably, but the fire keyboard is a bit confining. Still loving it as a replacement computer. Though it isn't really the best replacement I can settle for now. Two of my nephews are still very sick though not in the hospital. Just keep them and their parents in your prayers if you would.

Oh and tapzoo is addicting. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy Belated New Year

We spent a quiet day at home doing laundry, working on all of G's craft projects and reading. When I went in the kitchen to make pizza for supper I remembered that one time sparkling grape juice was on clearance and I was saving them for a special day. Then I realized that we don't have special days, we make special days. So for New Year's Eve I chilled the sparkling juice, got down the fancy glasses and we had a celebration.

G saw the glasses and said, "Woah, Mama, those are the types of glasses you would find at a fancy restaurant." I agreed with her and told her that an old boyfriend bought them for me (only 2 glasses) and I had not used them much. G liked the sparkling juice but she said it tasted like orange juice and sprite, heh.

So after I taught her to hold the glass and not choke the stem with the death grip she originally had, we could both toast the new year. And we were both in bed before 9pm, because after all, one midnight is the same as the other midnight and Sunday School was early in the morning.

Today we are hanging out with my parents because G is spending the night with them until school starts this week. Can't believe the holidays are over already, seems Christmas was a million years ago.

I am cautiously optimistic about 2012. I hope I am coming out of my 4 year funk (for that is all I can describe it as) and hoping this year will be a turn around for our little family. And my nephew is finally coming home from the hospital today.