Monday, January 30, 2012

G and Basketball

G had a bball game this weekend at my parents church. We are excited that she is on a team that is not the worst but only the third worst out of a total of 4 teams. The all girls teams are 2nd through 6th graders because there weren't enough 6th graders to make a team. I understand that but it seems G's team has the most 2nd and 3rd graders with the other teams 5th and 6th grade heavy. Each sports team G has been on has been almost the worst in the league so it is becoming a family joke. My mom told me that losing builds character. I am ready to give G a break in the character building department for at least one season. Sadly G didn't score this game but she played some awesome defense. The referees can't catch everything and missed G getting knocked down by the bigger girl guarding G but they caught the small foul G committed. G has a big bruise on her knee. But the girls did win and are now 1 and 2 until this Sat when they will drop to 1 and 3.

I am glad this is a learning league but G is pretty good at knowing how to lose gracefully. I am ready for her to learn some graceful winning, heh. I was very proud of her though defending so well.

After the game we headed to what I thought was a big Rembrandt exhibit. It ended up being 1 Rembrandt and 1 Rubens with 70 other paintings from 1300s to 1800s. I saw some paintings I had originally seen in Europe which was fun. The museum I feel displayed some of the religious pieces with a distinct anti-religious bias. That was fun to navigate with G. There were also some interesting photos held up as worthy art but objectively speaking only 2 were beautiful. The rest were just weird. And yes art should be viewed both objectively and then subjectively. That is for another post all together however. Too much to do on the fire.

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