Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy Belated New Year

We spent a quiet day at home doing laundry, working on all of G's craft projects and reading. When I went in the kitchen to make pizza for supper I remembered that one time sparkling grape juice was on clearance and I was saving them for a special day. Then I realized that we don't have special days, we make special days. So for New Year's Eve I chilled the sparkling juice, got down the fancy glasses and we had a celebration.

G saw the glasses and said, "Woah, Mama, those are the types of glasses you would find at a fancy restaurant." I agreed with her and told her that an old boyfriend bought them for me (only 2 glasses) and I had not used them much. G liked the sparkling juice but she said it tasted like orange juice and sprite, heh.

So after I taught her to hold the glass and not choke the stem with the death grip she originally had, we could both toast the new year. And we were both in bed before 9pm, because after all, one midnight is the same as the other midnight and Sunday School was early in the morning.

Today we are hanging out with my parents because G is spending the night with them until school starts this week. Can't believe the holidays are over already, seems Christmas was a million years ago.

I am cautiously optimistic about 2012. I hope I am coming out of my 4 year funk (for that is all I can describe it as) and hoping this year will be a turn around for our little family. And my nephew is finally coming home from the hospital today.

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Vivian M said...

Happy New Year! Glad to hear your nephew is coming home. And you should bring out the fancy glasses more often!