Friday, January 27, 2012

Seaweed and Other Conversations

This morning after breakfast, as all mornings, G asked for her seaweed snack. The seaweed we currently have left is actually wasabi flavor, so you know it is hot.

G said,"Mama, do you want me to teach you how to eat this seaweed so it doesn't burn?"

I declined. Of course that didn't deter her. She proceeded to explain that she doesn't swallow her spit. I know, you were eager to hear that answer.

So after I had left the kitchen to get dressed, G just didn't seem to be coming along in a timely fashion. I headed out of the room to find her, running into her in the hall. I asked her what took her so long to which she replied, "I taught the left side of my mouth how to eat seaweed."

All rightly then; now, apparently, G's whole mouth knows how to eat wasabi seaweed.

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jennifer said...

That's hilarious!