Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weird Response to Wikipedia

Okay, so not really but to some information on there. A bit of background, G has a book and now a movie on Gladys Aylward. Gladys was a British missionary to China at the time of the Japanese invasion. She was also the paid foot inspector of the country side in her area at the time when foot binding was outlawed. Cultural or not, barbaric actions taken against women, really toddlers at the time. So obviously we have had some intense conversations around foot binding. G constantly says how glad she is to not have had her feet bound and how happy she is that she isn't still in China just in case they tried. So last night I had the brilliant idea to show her what it was all about. At some point there was a video of an elderly woman whose wealthy family continued the tradition and bound her feet as a child after the ban. I didn't succeed in finding that video but I did find the wikipedia site.

I showed G the old photos and then I started reading about the procedure and how they did it. Then I started feeling woozy and extremely ill. Never mind that this was historical information only and I wasn't actually witnessing or participating in it. I almost fainted from reading it only. G was a bit confused and concerned but wanted to know if I had any nightmares about it. I didn't but the ill feeling took a bit to fully subside. So just a warning, wikipedia can cause illness, or at least the info found there can.

Like slavery in America's history (and that which is still going on) foot binding is a blot on China's history and mis-treatment of women. Humans sure can find the most barbaric ways of injuring each other and justifying it.

Oh and have I mentioned lately that I really do love my fire? I do my blogging here and can upload photos too.

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