Thursday, February 02, 2012

Good News

G's hand is better and will not have to be amputated as the crying Tuesday night may or may not have suggested. Just kidding, about the not being amputated part, though it doesn't. For such a generally stoic kid who wishes most of all to blend into the background, those anticipatory melt downs are over the top in drama. Last night as I doctored her hand, I made an agreement that she would wait to scream if it hurt only after I left the room. And I remembered bactine, oops. That may or may not have stopped the tears on Tuesday.

She can dribble the basketball too, so we lost no actual function for the important things in life. Washing our hands, putting on socks without bending knees, holding pencils for homework or pulling pants up or down is still on the I-can't-do-because-my-hand-is-injured list. Now why the legs won't bend due to a palm of hand scrap? I couldn't even begin to guess.

Oh and due to still being hurt she had to sleep with me. And today is a holiday so she is planning to sleep with me tonight too and always on Friday (because it is the weekend of course), she said she will return to her bed on Monday if she doesn't get sick or hurt again.

This morning we had no tears or arguements and when I pointed out out much better the morning went I asked if we could have that every morning. She said that she couldn't decided because in December she would have to spend time looking for Candycane, our elf. So apparently she is thinking pretty far ahead in the plan the morning routine.

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Vivian M said...

Aww it sounds like all she needed was some TLC from Mommy. Hope her hand heals quickly, and her legs too, lol.