Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Rambling

Sadly, my fire no longer rotates. That is frustrating. Now all reading is done horizontally not vertically like I prefer. I know '1st world problem' right?

My mother's church may be going on a mission trip to China. Guess who besides me is over the moon excited? G is ready to go RIGHT NOW! If the money (I have no idea how much) can be raised then maybe G, my dad and I will go. Mom said heck to the no about her going. She really is not much into traveling.

Currently, the parents are not nearby which means G gets to spend an almost uninterrupted afternoon with her friend. Win-win for everyone. Bball practice is tonight with a game on Sat. G feels fine so she will be able to play.

Monday is a school holiday which to me makes no sense. We never got this day off from school. Plus it adds to the end of the year. I am thinking an around the year school might be better. Current school year is based on tradition of agrarian society with children being needed to help on the farm. I am ready to break with tradition.

Sad to see the reaction to Whitney houston's death. Really why are we surprised? She self imploded. Millions of children languish in institutions in country's that can't or won't acknowledge God's perfect design, treating these children as sub-human, few people react. One drug addicted singer accidentally kills herself and the world mourns. Seems as humans we have our priorities a little off kilter.

Then there is obama doing as he promised: fundamentally transforming America into a socialist welfare state. Is anybody out there? Is anybody listening? Will anyone think clearly beyond their own selfish wants! The insurance mandate forced upon th Catholics is forcing an agenda of accepting the deaths of babies through abortion. Guess what? Birth control is not a fundamental right! Birth and child bearing are not a disease to be prevented. And insurance should NEVER be used for incidentals. Insurance is and should only be about major medical issues, disasters, and accidents the would devastate a family or individual financially. The costs of healthcare have gone up precisely because we have asked insurance to cover incidentals. Good idea in theory but fiscally insane. Obama makes me grit my teeth. I am considering suing him for clenched jaw syndrome.

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Vivian M said...

Oh I so hope you all can go back to China!!!! That would be beyond amazing - especially for Miss G. As for your Mom, she may come around. The traveling is hard, but once she is there and immersed in the culture she may just deem it worth the long plane rides!

I will keep my fingers crossed! :o)