Monday, February 06, 2012

Not One CNY Event This Year

We missed the last event that was held Saturday. Makes me sort of sad; however, G plays basketball every Saturday in the middle of the day. Then I have another head cold which makes me feel like warmed over roadkill. G scored two baskets and they only lost by 4 instead of 40 like the first game against this particular team. In that respect Saturday was awesome.

G and I decided to try out a new recipe Saturday afternoon. That's right, we made the cats some treats. Literally, in the making of these so called treats there were many screams and dances and declarations of I wish I had a dad here today; because you see, I am not a cook. I dislike dead things that can still be identified. Enter the can of mackerel. Did you know it doesn't come like canned tuna? I didn't. So imagine my utter shock of horror to discover the headless, finless gutted bodies (skin on) of the fish flop out of the can. I jumped and screamed and danced around the kitchen with the omg omg omg whatamigonnado hands and G exclaimed she wished she had a dad to handle dead fish.

To declare this treat making a disaster would be to bestow much kindness upon me. I declared it an abject and total failure in the why did I think this would be easy and enjoyable category. My Sunday school class got a laugh over it. In the end, however, I dumped all of the mixture. And my house stunk like fish even at 4 a.m. when I though I had eradicated the smell via a tea egg China spice mixture. Oh and the cats, for whom the treats were made? They hated them. One cat even threw what she did eat back up.

I suppose this will be one of the future funny stories we will sit around and talk about when I am older.

Anyway, the CNY packet I gave to G's teacher had been forgotten. I wish her teacher would use it but I didn't really give her a great heads up about it.

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