Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rough Day

G had a rough day yesterday. While playing at school she was accidentally tripped and cut her hand on the sidewalk. It hurt her so badly that she cried and everybody could hear her. She said, "mama, it hurt so bad I just couldn't hold it in." This is really big for G. She NEVER cries in public like that for fear of embarrassment. So last night she said she would have to sleep in my bed because I told her "when she was 6 or something" that if she were sick or hurt she could. Then as we prepared for bath the drama truly started. I had to change the band-aid.

For shower time it had to be a water proof one. It was then that I could really look at the spot and realized that her hands were not clean and the spot was really red. I told her we would have to wash her hands really good which brought hih pitched, ear splitting cries that had you passed by our open window, you would have thought I was cutting her hand off.

Oh and to be sure, I didn't actually get to clean the wound itself but I did get all the rest clean. Then I put a glob of neosporine on it with a waterproof band-aid that covers the palm of her hand. Then she asked how was she supposed to write or dribble a basketball? She also can't hold a fork or button her jeans. And yes, though the cut may hurt, it is still just a palm scrap requiring nothing more than a band-aid.

G may not be "girly-girl", but I defy anyone to show me a much more dramatic child than she. And while in the midst of it all I reflect back to the Disney frog princess where Ray is pulling the brickle briars out of the Gator among all the drama he says, "I haven't even touched you yet."

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