Monday, February 27, 2012

What a Weekend

Nothing of significance happened. I did get my refund, yippee. Mom and I went shopping Sunday afternoon because I needed some new undergarments. That is not so much but we went without the 7 year old. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with G but I needed my own mama and me date. So we headed to wally world after going on stage and I found some long skirts, pretty dresses and nice shirts. I was in heaven. I haven't shopped for me since 2008. Literally I have been in hand me downs (which is very nice to get). I told G later that I just want to feel like a girl again and not like a middle aged mom, though there is nothing wrong with that.

The best part though was coming home and cleaning out. G had more fun and I could not keep her busy enough. Three bags of give way and one garbage bag (of stuff not fit to give away) later and I have a new spring summer wardrobe and can see all of my fall winter stuff.

Saturday G scored a basket in her basketball game then had a meltdown in the car because I didn't scream at her "coaching her" from the bleachers because she said she hated it. Then we cleaned out her room and took a well deserved nap. It was a nice weekend. And during the shopping spree I did pick up new panties, socks, and a hello Kitty shirt for G.

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