Saturday, March 31, 2012

G and her Grandad

This morning G and her grandad headed out to a "tailgate" party at my parents church. It was only for dads/daughters or daughters and significant men like Grandaddies. So apparently they were chosen to participate in a game. Dad said he got a little hot being wrapped in toilet paper. G didn't really listen to the speaker but she did play the games and had fun. Now she is playing with two little girls at one of the girl's homes. I really dislike 3 girls together but G really REALLY wanted to go and I couldn't come up with a great excuse not to allow it. G knows my reasoning and we talked about how not to gang up or allow the others to gang up in a 2-1 relationship. So later we are going to my parents for a steak dinner. Yum, I haven't had steak in what seems like ages.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Of Cousins and Camels

Before G left on spring break I suggested that we would go ride a camel at the zoo when she came home. She said, "But mama, camels are too big." I said, "Well, we will just sit and get a picture." Then G said, "But mama, their eyelashes!?" I asked, " What about their eyelashes?" She said, "They are SO long."

G really had a great time with her cousins such that G informed me that I was not allowed to touch her flip flops because her cousins had touched them and I would rub off their germs so therefore I was banned from touching the shoes.

She misses her cousins so much that I suggested she pray that they move closer to us to which she replied, "No, that would be too long." I asked how long would be long enough and she said, "About 4 weeks."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Yesterday....

I stillI hated the nook and was ready to take it back. Today after rebooting, not so much. Besides G said I can't have the fire. I still do not like the lack of selections but I don't need to buy anything anyway so, there it is. Job is slated to end in two to three weeks. If anyone knows of a home based contract work please let me know. I will post some cute G stories tonight about her cousins and camels and no, the two are not related.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

'They begged for their lives with their trousers down': Two lost drunk British holidaymakers 'were gunned down after taking wrong turn on Florida street'


Obama: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon’

Both in Florida, which one is getting the most press?

On Their Way Home

First G had a great time and they are on their way home. They are taking 2 days so I won't see them until sometime tomorrow.
While they were in VA my parents bought G a new swimsuite because she had quite outgrown her other two, finally. She likes the short and shirt version due to her very modest nature and I think those are rather cute on her. This is the one they got for her. Of course I had looked at the red spot shop but couldn't find anything that actually covered anything for girls. I was rather disappointed. Why do children need thigh high and tinsy top bathing suits?

Yes I may be a prude but dad-gum, who wishes to see little girl parts while swimming? G actually prefers longer shorts but there it is.
The pink is the color of loathesomeness except that apparently G is growing out of her hatred for the color. It isn't totally embraced but she isn't quite as adverse to wearing it as she used to be.
So today I had to come to my parents to pick up their mail. While here I am going to watch Pride and Prejudice again on their big TV. I just finished Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. WOW, what a not expected ending!! If you haven't seen it is worth watching, but be aware there are some scenes not appropriate for children (I think of any age).
So can't wait for tomorrow to see my G. She however didn't want to leave but who does really? Vacations are like that, aren't they? If you are having a good time the coming home part always spoils it. I hope next week won't be the bugger I think I will be. At least I am praying not.
Not sure when this temp assignment will end. Last week was interesting. Two people in another department seem to want to sabotage any work on this and I would like to just be gone to another assigment closer to home if possible.
Okay so there is the week's update.

Monday, March 19, 2012

G on Spring Break

Thank goodness neither was real although I doubt she would be much afraid. I am not sure where she was but I know one of her cousins had to be in school as he isn't on spring break, boo.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break and Other Ramblings

G is on Spring Break officially as of yesterday afternoon but unofficially on Thursday. She is probably already playing with her cousins as I type. They made two stops to see aunts and uncles but primarily to see the dogs belonging to those aunts and uncles. I loaded G up with her usual stuff: DS, Leapster (yes still dearly loved), TV/DVD player, DVDs, games and the Fire with a book she must read this week for school (AR) the Magic Tree House Christmas in Camelot. Why are those books full price on the e-readers? If she had not needed it in order to test I would have gotten it in paperback for $4 including shipping. What's the deal?

Anywho, Thursday night I was extremely excited to be able to have the bed to myself and sleep soundly but at 10pm someone knocked on the door. UGH! and OMGoodness! all at once. Turned out to be the police because a neighbor had been broken into while they were out thank goodness. And yes I answered the door in my PJs which didn't make me nor the officer comfortable. I think they have no leads. I pretty much came home around 6:30 and stayed in the kitchen. Knowing the houses and families on my street the back of our houses are our havens which leaves the main street unguarded which makes it easy for someone to do something without anybody seeing. It is the way it is. I was struck by the fear realization that 1) I have no dog (which on Friday I was certainly glad of due to severe thunderstorms) and 2) my parents are gone. So I am most certainly living under lock and key and much prayer.

Thursday also was the Parent/Teacher conference. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how well G is doing and how much she is coming out of her shell. Her teacher understands as one of her sons is a male version of G. G made straight As on the report card for which I am truly glad. I mentioned that I rag G when she brings home a B and the teacher said she didn't blame me because G is far more capable than Bs or lower. Now understand if G could not perform I would be happy with whatever the grades would be and I have expressed this to her. However, I also know my child and her abilities, she sometimes goes far to fast and misses due to silly mistakes rather than missing due to inability. Also, I do not punish her for Bs but I do rag on her a bit, usually ending with a "don't do that again, do your best and slow down." G does claim language is her most difficult subject but math is fun. I hope she keeps with the math is fun bit though I wish she would get that language is fun too.

So far today (Saturday) I have done laundry but not all of it even though there isn't much and watched Sense and Sensibility. Friday night I saw Act of Valor with a friend then had coffee, getting home rather late. Oh boy that was a great movie!! For squeamish people like myself, the first "act of valor" and the leading into it is quite gross. I almost lost it feeling rather sea sick. And the end of the movie ended as it should but not as I wished. If you haven't seen it, GO! see it now. The Navy Seals played themselves. Great casting if you ask me and because of that you truly felt that this was actually a real live recorded military action. So very cool. Be prepared to cry as well.

Anyway, I am waiting on my G to call or skype with me than I can go to bed!! Early to bed and a nap on Sunday? Can this Spring Break get any better? I rather think not.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NOOK Tablet v. Kindle

I can now say with certaintity that the Kindle Fire is much better than the NOOK in everything except clarity of screen and external storage options. The Kindle will allow you to jump to web pages while one page is loading because the tabs are at the top of the screen. I have not seen that on the NOOK. There is an icon to tap to see all open windows but you have to wait for the one to open first. So for me, that slows down the surfing aspect of the internet.

Then Barnes and Noble does not have near the volumn of free apps Amazon does. For that matter there are not as many free books either. Plus, maybe I am just used to the Kindle, but NOOK and B&N is much more difficult to search and find specific things.

I am getting used to it and the reason I got one so soon after the Kindle was because the Kindle ended up in G's hands more often than mine and the size made it difficult to see. Also, it got stuck in horizontal mode and was running out of memory even though I didn't have a lot stored on there. Plus I thought I would like the extra storage option, but for now I don't need it. The computer, printer and NOOK (8gb) Tablet cost the same as the ipad 2 with printer and accessories. So I now have a carry with me tablet for internet usage away from home and a home computer system for everything at home.

I am still trying to formulate a plan for working from home for when this job assignment ends. Keep praying, I have a lot of negative self talk and doubt to overcome. It comes naturally to me, the self doubt and negative talk, not the ability to succeed.

I wasn't given anything for free for this review, this is my own opinion on my own purchases.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well It Was Short and Sweet

Fascinating little bit of history shared in our town. I picked up lots of free information about battle reinactments that will be taking place around here or within a 2 hour drive of here. We do live in an extremely important place for national history which in and of itself is amazing.

The actors were allowing people the opportunity to shoot the guns. G didn't want to do that because they were quite loud however she did "hold" one for a picture. She even posed with a man and his wife who play General Grant and Julia Grant at times. Today however they were just "civilian" actors in period costumes.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Historically Significant Event

Happened right here in our fair town. The sinking of the Sultana which is all but forgotten but which actually was a bigger tragedy than the titanic.

After the Civil War ended the Union POWs were being transported back up north but an indebt captain bribed some officials to overload his boat the Sultana. The cost for one enlisted man was $5 (roughly $115 now) and $10 for officers. The boat was well over loaded and as it made its way north taking a stop in Helena and Memphis the boiler which had been crudely patched gave way and exploded killing some 200 people immediately.

One of our towns founders (descendents still here) helped rescue and house the survivors. Roughly 2200 people died along with one alligator (ships mascot), 50 pig and lots of horses. Biggest loss of life specifically Federal soldiers at one time in the war I believe.

Anyway this exhibit which understandably doesn't really have all that much is displayed here in town and tomorrow is a history day with a Civil War encampment reinactment. I am so jazzed. I love history particularly American history, the good, the bad and the ugly all in which the civil war fits.

The narrator suggested that by the end of the war and due to the funeral train of Lincoln, the Sultana lost its place of significant rememberance in our nations conscience. I will take my real camera tomorrow and not just the camera on the phone. I am so excited.

Friday, March 09, 2012

G conversations

While studying the 10 commandments I was asking G if she understood what they meant. We arrived at #7, You shall not commit adultery. I said, "Do you know what that means?" She said, "Don't obey adults?"

Life Update

G still has lots of snot. About 1 hour after going to sleep last night she started choking on the drainage but didn't throw up. I had to get under her head and chest to give her relief until my own arm fell asleep but by then she was fine. We were able to finish sleeping and I let her sleep longer this morning. We are still very tired from her being sick. I am looking forward to a restful and productive weekend.

I am still trying to downsize and get rid of stuff. I have to load the car with some of the stuff to give away and then pack more stuff to get rid of. G is leaving for a week in about a week for spring break with my folks so I will be looking over two homes.

I am also thinking and praying over a business venture (of my own design) for when I will be laid off again (looking like April). I would appreciate thoughts, prayers and ideas for income. Now that I have a computer system at home I should be able to work from home.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Still a Bit Puny

but totally back at school. G was sick last night but not due to fever. She has the flu mucus, yippee! Anywho within 30 mins the puked 3 times. Thankfully it was only mucus not food. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate throw up? I am sure I have mentioned it some. But we made it and G was exhausted. She was crying pitifully because she hates to throw up as much as I hate throw up. I felt so badly for her. I ended up giving her some mucinex and then having her fall asleep on me while I was propped up on pillows. When the med kicked in I moved out from under her and she was fine until I had to wake her this morning. She is just really tired.

Mom and dad took her to the dentist for me and thank You Jesus, no cavities. This is only the 4th time she has been to the dentist (don't judge) and we are very careful about her teeth. At her first at home appt the dentist said if parents would brush the child's teeth once a day and the child brush once a day then most of the kunk won't be on there. G also flosses but not as regularly as I prod her to. So I brush G's teeth at night 99% of the time, but once a day every day at least. So no cavities.

About the grinding, this dentist said she would stop when all her teeth came in, yeah, right! Then about the crowding, won't do anything because the teeth are still moving and adjusting. Okay so my concerns were not addressed because the grinding? I hate almost as much as throw up!

On Friday she goes to the eye doctor and we will see if she has to have glasses. I don't think so but we will see.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Today Is Fever Free Day

G's fever broke in the night. So today she is fever free so tomorrow she can go back to school. She had a slight meltdown when grandad picked up her homework yesterday and her teacher said she didn't have to fo it, but she will be tested on it regardless if she didn't need to do it. Plus she had two days to do it. So after she got over the "not fair"ness of it she completed over half of it. Now we just have to expel the mucus and she will be 100%.

Monday, March 05, 2012

So g's temp was 102.6 this morning. One more day off school. And laptop not being delivered until Tuesday because it was sent FedEx home which is closed Mon.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Even Though We Took the Shot

Or rather the nose spray, one of us has the flu anyway. G came down with a 102 temp, aches and all. So after advil then tylenol two hours later and a tepid shower, temp is down to 100.4. Hoping it won't last. Hoping I don't catch it either.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Recent Experience with Dell

Left a bad impression. I have ordered previously from the (2003-2004) and loved my laptop. It died in 2007 or 2009. So after receiving the tax refund and allocating several diilfferent things with the money, I decided I needed to replace my laptop and printer. I investigated options for about a month. I ordered a spiffy new laptop and printer yesterday even receiving confirmation of the order.

However, when I checked my e-mail this morning, I received a cancellation of the order from Dell. I called and literally after 2 1/2 hours on the phone, I did not end up with the original order, and they broke a promise of a cannon power shot camera that salesperson promised earlier during the conversation.

All of this hassle to be left unsatisfied because in 2007 someone attempted to order a computer on my account that was caught and cancelled by Dell at that point. I had no idea at all until an hour into this morning's many phone calls.

I will never buy another Dell computer again. This whole incident was handled improperly. Had they called me yesterday or even this morning prior to cancelling the order I would have been glad to get things straight. But instead I had to completely recorder on the phone and I didn't get the same deal. Then at one point the salesperson said I would receive a cannon sure shot but in the end he reneged on that saying the camera was only a deal for a couple of hours and that I missed it. Of course the deal disappeared because of the length of time on the phone.

I told him to be sure and document that I am left unsatisfied by the experience. The guy was nice and was only doing what he was allowed but I asked over and over to speak with a manager and not once did I receive a manager on the phone not one time even after speaking to the first 15 people. I am not kidding, I spoke with no less than 15 people in customer service, verifications, finally in sales.

Anyone work high up in Dell? Cause I am not happy. I am posting my displeasure on FB too. I may be small but if someome thinks twice before buying a Dell then I may have saved someone a hassle. I realize the attempted fraud wasn't Dell's fault but it wasn't mine either. I should have at the least received the original computer I ordered as I ordered it not less, and when making a promise of a camera, don't backout.