Saturday, March 10, 2012

Historically Significant Event

Happened right here in our fair town. The sinking of the Sultana which is all but forgotten but which actually was a bigger tragedy than the titanic.

After the Civil War ended the Union POWs were being transported back up north but an indebt captain bribed some officials to overload his boat the Sultana. The cost for one enlisted man was $5 (roughly $115 now) and $10 for officers. The boat was well over loaded and as it made its way north taking a stop in Helena and Memphis the boiler which had been crudely patched gave way and exploded killing some 200 people immediately.

One of our towns founders (descendents still here) helped rescue and house the survivors. Roughly 2200 people died along with one alligator (ships mascot), 50 pig and lots of horses. Biggest loss of life specifically Federal soldiers at one time in the war I believe.

Anyway this exhibit which understandably doesn't really have all that much is displayed here in town and tomorrow is a history day with a Civil War encampment reinactment. I am so jazzed. I love history particularly American history, the good, the bad and the ugly all in which the civil war fits.

The narrator suggested that by the end of the war and due to the funeral train of Lincoln, the Sultana lost its place of significant rememberance in our nations conscience. I will take my real camera tomorrow and not just the camera on the phone. I am so excited.

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