Friday, March 09, 2012

Life Update

G still has lots of snot. About 1 hour after going to sleep last night she started choking on the drainage but didn't throw up. I had to get under her head and chest to give her relief until my own arm fell asleep but by then she was fine. We were able to finish sleeping and I let her sleep longer this morning. We are still very tired from her being sick. I am looking forward to a restful and productive weekend.

I am still trying to downsize and get rid of stuff. I have to load the car with some of the stuff to give away and then pack more stuff to get rid of. G is leaving for a week in about a week for spring break with my folks so I will be looking over two homes.

I am also thinking and praying over a business venture (of my own design) for when I will be laid off again (looking like April). I would appreciate thoughts, prayers and ideas for income. Now that I have a computer system at home I should be able to work from home.


Vivian M said...

We usually prop Kerri up with lots of pillows, it really helps. So does having a humidifier right by her bedside. I hope Miss G and you both have better sleep soon!

Have fun downsizing....

The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying for new income and for healthy bodies for my two sweet friends:)